Beyond the Dental Lab – Chris Golze

We go Beyond the Dental Lab with Chris Golze to discuss what led him to become a dental technician, what motivates him now, and his eclectic film and music tastes.

Please introduce yourself and where you work

I’m Christian (Sunday name) Golze and I’m a dental technician and director of XSDental Laboratory, based in Doncaster, Yorkshire.

Tell me about where you grew up and what your family was like

Doncaster was probably your typical South Yorkshire mining town of the time. It was a real working class community (I don’t recall ever hearing anybody being out of work). I imagine that was a big influence on me. We weren’t a ‘well off’ family, but we managed okay.

What led you to a career in dentistry?

I’d left sixth form and had a part time job delivering school dinners! I wanted something full time and happened across an advert in the local free paper for a trainee dental technician.

Turned up for the interview in a blazer, haha! I got the job, mind.

First pay was £60 per week. Later, I was told there were two applicants and the other was an older fella who wanted too much money!

What do you like the most about it?

I like that everything is different. A one off. Even though the appliances can be the same, everything is made for the individual. After all these years, I don’t get bored of it.

Who/what have been the strongest influences in your life?

My family. Having responsibilities to those around me is my motivation to try and set a good example and be a positive person. 

Professionally, I’m still learning, too. I think to grow, you have to get outside your comfort zone. In the past, I’ve been guilty of just going along with things rather than pushing myself.

Being isolated in a lab with no outside influences is damaging. Get out there! Meet other technicians, go to the events and courses, and you’ll soon be part of the community.

I think the social media groups have been a huge influence on me. Of course there’s going be a negative element, but the positives outweigh those massively. 

How would friends and acquaintances describe you?

White, short and bald, with a sense of humour.

Share with us something about yourself that you want to improve.

Confidence. I’ve never been blessed with that unfortunately, which I think may have held me back over the years.

I am trying to put myself out there more, and up to now and I think there’s been a positive response. You just have to take any negatives as learning tools and use them to progress.

How do you unwind outside of the lab?

Being around family. Time is something you never get back, so it’s important to spend it with those you love.

I do like to be active. I’ve never been one to lay in on days off. Most mornings before going to the lab, I go for a walk. I’m lucky to have some nice places to be just a short walk from the front door.

My sporting love is definitely football, though. I still manage to play regularly, even though I’m not as quick as I used to be!

I like to read, too. Mainly autobiographies. I’m a sucker for a rags to riches story!

Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

I’d like anywhere I can be outside and have a bit of peace and quiet. No rain, though. Can’t stand the wet.

I don’t mind extremes of heat and cold. I’m generally in shorts from February to November. I do like the coast. Barefoot in the sand and sea could be my favourite place.

What’s your favourite film?

That’s a hard one! I’m a big movie fan. Anything from 80’s comedies and kung fu to Italian thrillers, 70’s horror and everything in between.

I’ve probably watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood once a week since buying the disc a year ago. If I had to pick one film to watch the rest of my days it’d probably be The Godfather

What music do you listen to?

Again, a varied selection, depending on mood. As an 80’s and 90’s kid, I was blessed with lots of genres. Hip hop would probably be my favourite. Not many of the modern artists though.

I do like electronic dance type music even though I’m definitely not a dancer. I find that’s a good, positive, uplifting choice first thing in a morning.

My Spotify playlists have everything from classic rock, old school hip hop to 80’s synth pop. Never mixed together, though. Haha!

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

It was a screenshot of a QR code. It’s for a piece of work I’m in the middle of. It’ll no doubt end up on my social media pages.

Sum yourself up in three words

Loyal. Honest. Stubborn.

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