How to choose your endo solution

How to choose your endo solution

When it comes to choosing an endo file system there are many factors at play.

Case complexity is an important one but a large element of it comes down to clinical preference.

This forms the foundation of Dentsply Sirona’s updated endo solution range. All developed to the highest standards, based on findings in clinical studies, these endo systems not only complement workflows to meet the needs of specific clinical cases but also cater for clinicians’ individual priorities and preferred ways of working.

Unrivalled choice

With more than 130 years in research and development, Dentsply Sirona has distilled their expertise down to three distinct endodontic systems, backed up by a wealth of clinical studies and taught by clinicians all over the world.

This combined insight and experience have led Dentsply Sirona to create endo systems you can trust. Let’s summarise each briefly before we dive deeper into their specific benefits:

  1. Beautifully simple Wave One Gold offers predictable outcomes for any dentist. This solution allows GDPs and specialists to achieve endodontic success and push boundaries thanks to its reliability and straightforward applications
  2. The versatile Pro Taper Ultimate brings greater flexibility and the advanced capabilities needed for more complex clinical cases, including severely curved and narrow canals
  3. The minimally invasive Trunatomy solution is ideal for controlled procedures during root canals and procedures on posterior teeth. The design allows for preservation of the dentin enabling clinicians to respect the tooth anatomy.

Simplicity with Wave One Gold

Adapted to dentists at the start of their endo journey, the simplicity of Wave One Gold allows GDPs and beginners to feel confident about endo procedures. Still providing exceptional accuracy and predictability for experienced clinicians, the system excels by offering:

  • The Wave One Gold Primary file, which is the only file needed to finish shaping in most clinical cases
  • A ‘gold’ nickel titanium design that’s flexible and strong
  • Controlled cutting with a reciprocating motion
  • Comfortable to grip and easy to manipulate.

Versatility with Pro Taper Ultimate

If you need a file system that covers a range of canal morphologies, Pro Taper Ultimate has that flexibility. Individually designed files give you advanced shaping options, and the intuitive nature of the system complements the workflows of more difficult clinical cases. Here are the headline benefits:

  • A progressive file sequence of slider-shaper-finisher streamlines workflows
  • The heat-treated, engineered design of the files adds to their strength and reliability
  • The deep shape allows you to thoroughly disinfect the root
  • A faster glide path and shaping relieve hand fatigue and allow for precision when dealing with curved or complex canals.

Preservation with Trunatomy

For clinicians who prioritise protecting structural dentin and tooth integrity, Trunatomy offers a targeted solution, providing next level control and smooth movements. This is how it benefits clinicians:

  • The slim shape allows for maximum debris debridement while preserving as much of the dentin as possible
  • Featuring the shortest handle on the market and a pre-bend design, it gives you ultimate flexibility to easily reach posterior teeth
  • Combined, these features give you the flexibility to work smoothly and increase efficacy, creating more space to work on narrow or curved canals
  • Trunatomy allows you to work accurately and preserve the natural tooth structure, significantly reducing the risk of error.

Whether your priority is simplicity, versatility, or preservation, Dentsply Sirona has an endodontic solution for you, backed up by over a century of clinical research and development.

Find out more about Dentsply Sirona’s endo solutions and choose your ideal system here or at

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