Did you know NSK does endo?

Did you know NSK does endo?

Clare Morris, NSK endodontic specialist and endodontic expert, introduces NSK’s versatile range of endo essentials.

I’ve always loved being involved in endodontics. It’s a passion that started when I was a dental nurse and worked alongside an endodontist. Seeing the way in which new technology was transforming this discipline was exciting and fulfilling.

Eventually my interest in endodontics led to a move into the dental industry itself. I became involved in supporting and training for an endodontic range of equipment with a leading manufacturer. Now, I have come to share my endo experience as part of the team of product specialists at NSK.

Endodontics is an important part of NSK’s portfolio. Its range of endodontic handpieces, micromotors, apex locator and endo tips provide a highly effective set of tools. They make root canal treatment less intimidating for patients and more efficient for clinicians, be they experienced endodontists or general dentists. 

Endo motors

NSK’s Endo-Mate DT2 motor and handpiece is designed for use with most major brands of rotary files. It features a large LCD display with an advanced memory function, able to store up to nine different speed and torque settings depending on the file manufacturer’s protocols. 

The Endo-Mate DT2 control unit is small and compact with a two-way power source (AC cord and rechargeable battery), making it portable and ideal for peripatetic dentists. The slim, lightweight handpiece feels light in the hand. It also operates with minimal noise and vibration, helping to reduce hand fatigue during longer treatments.

NSK’s Endo-Mate TC2 has a cordless motor and handpiece and supports most major brands of rotary files. It has a large LCD display, simple five-key operation and users can configure up to five programmes suitable for different file systems. Its lightweight handpiece is easy to use and manoeuvre, even during the most delicate endo procedures. An auto-reverse and alarm function sounds an audible alert when the preset torque level has been reached, ensuring patient safety. 

Apex locators

Apex locators are essential to successful endodontic treatment to help clinicians determine the apical limit of the root canal system.

The compact, lightweight and user-friendly iPex II is NSK’s next-generation apex locator, providing accurate measurement of any root canal. SmartLogic technology removes all signal interference from the root canal itself. This enables the device to precisely detect the location of the apex, operating in all conditions, including dry, wet and bloody canals.

Endo tips

Ultrasonic tips are used in endo for a variety of situations including root canal cleaning, access refinement, finding calcified canals, and removal of attached pulp stones. NSK has a comprehensive range of ultrasonic endo tips designed to aid agitation and irrigation. These are compatible with the Varios2 ultrasonic scaler handpieces used with the stand alone Varios 970 and Varios Combi Pro, or a Varios 170 which can be retro fitted into an existing cart and is operated with a Mutipad (touch pad).  

NSK can advise on cost effective upgrades that are available, including the Varios 370, a compact portable version that requires connection to an external water line and a power socket. It can positioned on its own or sit on or under a bracket table.

The most frequently used tips cover almost all eventualities and are the foundation of what an endodontist needs for most cases.

Examples of tips are:

  • E5 and E6 tips are used for lateral condensation
  • The E4D is a diamond coated tip, used for the cleaning and smoothing of canals and can also be used to widen the canal if needed
  • The E7 and E8 tips are ideal for removing filling material from the canal. Water is not required with these tips
  • E15D tip is diamond coated and used for locating root canals and decalcification.

Looking ahead

Endodontics is sometimes an area that general dentists prefer to refer to their specialist colleagues. But with the right tools, knowledge and skills there is no reason why a general practitioner shouldn’t tackle straightforward cases.

As with most areas of dentistry, advances in technology and manufacturing techniques are helping to further the boundaries of this discipline. The development of new products is responsible for new treatment solutions that are making safer and more predictable outcomes a reality for patients for whom extraction may be the only alternative.

This ability to save natural teeth is one of the most exciting and fulfilling aspects of endodontic treatment. I am thrilled to be responsible for helping build NSK’s reputation in this area.

NSK has some exciting new developments for all those involved in endodontics coming in 2024 – keep an eye out!

All NSK endo tips are currently available on special offer – buy one get one free.

Visit the NSK website www.uk.nsk-dental.com/products/endodontics/ for more information about the range. Clare can be contacted directly on 07901 117669 or email at [email protected].

See NSK’s full endo range on Stand J50 at BDIA Dental Showcase, 22–23March 2024 at ExCel London.

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