The Aesthetic Dentistry Expert – making the most of aesthetics in 2023


This month the Aesthetic Dentistry Expert, Manrina Rhode, discusses how to make the most of aesthetics in 2023 and her predictions for aesthetic dentistry in the following months.

Let’s talk about making the most of aesthetics in 2023 and my predictions for aesthetic dentistry this year.

With regards to to any aesthetic procedure, if we are heading into a recession like everyone’s telling us that we are, I don’t think that dental professionals stop doing aesthetic treatments.

In fact, sometimes we do more because we all need these little pick me ups to make us feel better and often that’s that’s what we’ll do.

However, people may not go for big treatments. So rather than, for example, veneers, they may decide to do some braces, some whitening, and bonding at this stage and save veneers for later. But they will still do things to make themselves look and feel better.

Maybe we won’t see  as many big cases this year. I hope not! Let’s see…

It also depends on  where they are socioeconomically. I know in the in the last recession in 2008 I was super busy with veneers because the bankers were all laid off and suddenly they all had time to come in for their treatment. So really It can go either way.

How to make the most of 2023

How can dental professionals make the most of this year?

Well, if your diaries are quieter because of the recession, then that’s not time to to chill out.

That’s time to upskill and push ahead.

So, go for it. Learn the things you want to learn, go on the courses you want to go on.

Make sure your education is there and your skills are top notch so you’re ready to go as the economy goes back up. 

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