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A game of two halves in practice sales
Christie & Co associate director Steve O’Connor speaks to Practice Plan’s Nigel Jones about the varied picture of the practice…
Too little, too late – a look back at 2023
Following on from last month’s part one of their review of the dental landscape in 2023, Nigel Jones continues his…
What will 2024 bring to dental technology? 
Ashley Byrne discusses the trials and tribulations of 2023, and why he believes 2024 will be ‘the year of the…
AI & technology
Catherine Rutland’s reflections on 2023
Catherine Rutland, clinical director for Denplan, shares her insight into the challenges of 2023 and what Denplan will be doing…
Get on board with GBT for 2024
Building on the successes of 2023, Harry Morris explains why it’s time to get on board with guided biofilm therapy…
Oral health
A year of peaks, troughs and little progress – a look back at 2023
‘Not just a rollercoaster year, this time it’s Blackpool’s The Big One!’ – Practice Plan’s Nigel Jones and BDA chair…
The Aesthetic Dentistry Expert – making the most of aesthetics in 2023
  This month the Aesthetic Dentistry Expert, Manrina Rhode, discusses how to make the most of aesthetics in 2023 and…
Aesthetic dentistry
The Secret Dentist: is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
After a challenging 2022, the Secret Dentist wonders if there is any light at the end of the tunnel as…
Straight to the Point – why New Year’s resolutions can damage teeth
This month, Saba Qureshi looks at 10 New Year’s resolutions that are damaging to patients’ teeth, and discusses how to…
The Dental Lab Expert – should we be excited about 2023 as labs? Heck yes!
‘It’s our time to really step up’: this month, Ashley Byrne discusses all of the things we can look forward…
How much attention have you paid to the dental news this week? – 21 January 2023
Missed out on last week’s dental news? Here’s what happened over the past seven days… Medical and dental leaders call…
How can dentists best prepare their finances in 2023?
Wesleyan’s Neil Richardson talks through the current economic climate and how dental professionals can best prepare for what 2023 may…
What are the market predictions for dentistry in 2023?
High demand for private practices makes for a strong market in 2023 – but the tightening of consumer spending is…
How much attention have you paid to the dental news this week? – 7 January 2023
Missed out on last week’s dental news? Here’s what happened over the past seven days… Children’s oral health in England…
How to become financially organised in 2023 – our month by month guide for dentists
It can be a bit overwhelming finding the time to organise your personal finances, particularly if you’ve set other New…
Dental Business Coach – easter eggs, holidays and how times have changed
As we enter a new year, Chris Barrow reflects on the simpler times of dental practice marketing and the reality…
Private Practice
The Green Hygienist – recycling symbols decoded
Is a greener practice one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2023? This month the Green Hygienist, Lottie Manahan, breaks…
The Secret Dentist – we are unique, you are unique
This month The Secret Dentist reflects on the events of 2023 and asks whether you’re ready to be a positive…
FMC confirms dates for 2023 events!
We can finally reveal all of the dates for our 2023 events! From award shows to exhibitions, have a look…
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