The dos and don’ts of Invisalign promotion days – part two

‘A promotion day can be a catalyst for your business’: This month Bhavin Bhatt offers tips and advice on how to carry out successful Invisalign promotion days, and provides a checklist of everything you need to remember before the big day. 

Thoughtful planning and preparation will significantly improve your chances of successfully running an aligner promotion day. However, it is also equally important to execute it most effectively.

Here are a few tips to help you run your promotion day better.

Optimising a short database – call, connect, convert

Not all dental practitioners have a rich database. Many dentists, especially newbies, may only have only a few names on their list of potential patients.

In this situation, you might feel pessimistic about scoring high on your promotion day. Luckily, that is not the case. It is still possible to expand your invitation from a short database.

First, take a closer look at your list. Pick a few names with a history of positive interactions with you: satisfied clients, partners, and anyone who would love to advocate for you.

Call and connect with each one of them and ask them to refer someone else who might be interested in aligner treatment. This method will give you a new list of potential clients to invite on your promotion day.

Another trick is creating a short video and text for Whatsapp groups. Ask people to share the content on different chat groups. Try collecting supportive testimonials from your happy clients to compile and include in the content.

While this approach might not give you a drastic spike in case counts, it is still effective in building up your brand awareness.

Level up your energy

After discussing marketing, nurturing and the importance of having a checklist on your promotion day, the next one is to prepare a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and passion within the team.

Yes, your energy level matters! It will not be effective to run your promotion day when your team is exhausted and unmotivated. You will see how the outcome will vary if all members of the team involved feel prepared, ready and optimistic about the outcome.

The best thing to do for this is to rehearse – and practise! Practise each stage until everyone feels confident about the patient journey from start to finish. We need our teams to develop an amazing theatrical experience with a lot of energy for the promotion day.

This is because prospective patients who come to the event need to understand that the promotion day is for them and the value you offer.

Empathy to seal the deal

There should be a strong element to urge them to decide on that day. Besides the scarce opportunity and interesting discounts, you may also show them the simulation of how their teeth will look at the end of the aligner treatment through the scan.

As a dentist, it is also crucial for you to show empathy and connect emotionally to the patient’s concerns.

Start it off by convincing them how aligner treatment is not just an aesthetically treatment. You should also explain the oral health benefits to straight teeth. It is more to create a new smile that will increase their confidence.

Wrap your explanation with energy to cast away the doubts your prospective clients may possibly have.

Basic principles of the promotion event – things to remember

  • What is the hook/offer for the day? How much are they saving? Make sure the internal documentation and marketing reflects the facebook prices
  • Why are we having a promotion event? We are all sick of flash sales and open days. So why are we having one? Always try to celebrate something – like, ‘Celebrating our 10th Birthday’ or ‘In honour of ….’. People like it when we celebrate our achievements
  • Successful practices use party planners
  • Book everyone for 20/30 mins
  • Send information sheets/packs/emails so they know what will happen on the day and what to expect
  • The practice must be Invisalign/aligner branded
  • DVD/posters/bags
  • No deposit = no show
  • No nurturing = lots of time wasters.

Checklist for the promotion event

You should review this checklist four weeks before the event.

Preparation for the day

  • Selection of the time and date
  • Decide your goal for the day
  • How many patients would you like booked in?
  • Will an Itero scanner be used? Who will be scanning?
  • Set up prices/payment plan
  • Staff meeting to discuss the open day and what the goals are
  • Will you have goody bags? If yes, what is going inside them?
  • Incentivise staff for the most consultations booked in
  • Refresh staff knowledge on Invisalign – refresher training session for staff on product knowledge/objection handling.


  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram
  • Invisalign display in waiting area
  • Mailings to existing patient database
  • Create an event for the Invisalign open day on Facebook.

With the right strategy and approach, a promotion day can be a catalyst for your business to grow in aligner treatment services.

We welcome you to contact us if you want to learn more about how to plan your promotion day and team training for running a successful six week promotion day transformation.

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