The dos and don’ts of Invisalign promotion days – part one

The dos and don'ts of Invisalign promotion days – part one

‘Unleash your potential and increase your aligner revenue’: this month Bhavin Bhatt discusses the benefits of an Invisalign promotion day when kickstarting your aligner business, and how to go about planning one.

Based on our experience and proven systems, we at Aligner Business Coaching believe that Invisalign promotion days can be a powerful kickstart to your aligner practicing business.

Indeed, many people think that promotion days are ineffective. 

However, there are several reasons why a promotion day can predictably upsurge your daily cases from between 11-16 more than usual. Most people fail on their promotion day strategy because of a lack of systems. 

For any promotion event to be successful, you need planning, preparation and execution.

Marketing nurturing

Imagine having 40 leads booked from external or internal marketing. Your next challenge is to call them up and take a deposit to book them in and transfer them into your database.

From those 40 people, around 30, might be willing to pay a deposit and book themselves into your practice. Some people might not be in the proximity of your practice.

Some others might not even qualify to get the aligner treatment. Thus, you may expect around one-third of them will end up going ahead with the treatment. 

Depending on the numbers, our system will get around 10 people making commitments and payments on your promotion day or even more. Besides giving you and your team practical confidence, implementing this system in your business will also boost your clinical confidence.

A checklist for success

To have an effective promotion day, we need to ensure that all internal or external leads have been vetted, qualified, and warm before they attend their consultation. Building a rapport with prospects and creating value for your services is key in the consultation process. 

The list should contain all the things that should happen to successfully close your deal on the day. The focus of this list is to lower the risk and increase the probability of success. 

Planning for success

The key word here is ‘team’. The team is fundamental in the success or failure of any promotion day.

We have established a comprehensive checklist to manage your promotion day successfully. Planning is everything your team will need to know, understand and implement before we get started.

Involving the team and assigning roles is crucial to this process. Use your team’s strengths in the process and assign roles best suited to each team member. 

Preparing for success

Once we have a plan, start preparing for the day and work backwards. Ask yourself the question: what needs to happen for us to reach our targets?

Involve the team to set a target goal for yourselves. This should be realistic and achievable. 

Next, think about all the systems and resources needed to make this happen. We have a tried and tested system we use to ensure you get a maximum return on investment.

Use the checklist below to help you plan your next promotion event. 

Avoiding poor results

  • Promotion days are unique because people need to make a decision and commitment on the same day to secure the offer
  • Since there isn’t much time for them to think, we should simplify their thought process and ensure they have all the information ahead of time so they can make an informed decision
  • Our aim is to help them choose the best treatment for them
  • Too many options and add-ons will only confuse them, thus making it even more difficult to say yes to the aligner treatment
  • For a more efficient process, you want to avoid offering too many permutations and combinations. Keep this simple and easy to understand
  • The payment structure also needs to be clear and straightforward so your clients can get it done quickly without extra time and hassle. 

If you are interested to know more about our systems and processes, click here to contact us and add your details so we can email you our resources pack.

This is your opportunity to unleash our collective potential and increase your aligner revenue. 

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