The four Cs of the treatment buying cycle – consideration

The four Cs of the treatment buying cycle – considerationThis month Bhavin Bhatt discusses the importance of consideration in the Invisalign buying cycle and how to win the Invisalign marketing game.

We have all often struggled as Invisalign providers to ‘close the case’ or ‘seal the deal’ with potential Invisalign consultations.

Over the last two years, Aligner Alchemy as a business consultant has conducted cutting-edge research in the Invisalign field. Using our huge wealth of data, we have conducted a systematic audit and review of our top providers to uncover the growing trends in the Invisalign marketplace.

The four Cs

This research has brought about two historic and monumental findings that will give you the kickstart you need as an Invisalign dentist to grow your business.

I will start by sharing how you can win the Invisalign marketing game – what we like to call the four Cs.

  1. Consideration
  2. Conversation
  3. Consultation
  4. Commitment

This week, we will look in-depth at the first C: consideration.

Triggering a patient’s consideration

It is easy to find people who may make perfect patients for Invisalign. But we can’t expect them to come directly to us and ask for Invisalign treatment.

Before we convince them about it, we need to enter a phase called ‘consideration’. At this phase, people start thinking about the possibility of getting the treatment when they never thought about having the treatment before.

How do you trigger a patient’s consideration within your Invisalign patient journey?

As dentists offering Invisalign, we need to understand that people will see themselves as a consumer of beauty enhancement, rather than a patient of teeth morphology. Here is where we need to focus our pitch…

Consideration also applies to people who are already interested in Invisalign yet are still looking for the best deal or shopping around. They will look around for other options to compare offers between multiple dental clinics and dentists before choosing one that proves the best value for them.

In the consideration phase, you may use pull marketing or push marketing strategy to guide them forward to the conversation phase.

Pull and push marketing

When someone is already interested in Invisalign, they will actively search for options. At some point, they will reach out to you and see what you can offer. This marketing method requires less effort on our part. We need to come up with relatively interesting deals to stay competitive in the market.

However, pull marketing is slow and can be somewhat expensive. We may spend time and money waiting before getting any results.

On the contrary, push marketing means we are more active in approaching our potential patients internally.

While it needs effort, it can also give much quicker results. For this approach, I suggest you use the next three marketing methods…

Social media marketing

The content that people see on social media has a big influence to make them consider products they have never thought of before.

Yet, of course, you need to have a large number of followers for this method to work.

Internal marketing

Do you know that you can activate a database to send messages privately to people and invite them to our website? Research conducted to study this strategy ends up with interesting results. This is simple to do and very effective.

Get in touch with your software provider and discuss different avenues for email marketing and text marketing to your database.

Pay-per-click marketing

I believe this one is the most reliable marketing approach to sell Invisalign treatment.

This method allows you to set specific targets, yet only charges you based on the visit counts.

For busy dentists like us, such an efficient strategy can also be helpful.

The art of market research

With the competitive nature of the internet, you need your landing page to be effectively convincing before your visitors bounce off in a few seconds.

Nonetheless, you also need the page to filter out people who are not actually interested in Invisalign and tyre kickers.

Your page should articulate the value you can bring through Invisalign treatment at your practice to develop their interest. It also needs to contain clarity of what you are offering at the practice, so people know what to expect. With such content, only people in the serious consideration phase will reach out to you to move forward to the conversation phase.

The key to the consideration phase is how to provoke strong thoughts about your offers regarding Invisalign treatment. Once you master this part, you already have a big chance to score a deal with potential patients. After which you move to the next phase, the conversation phase which we will see in the next article. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out by contacting us on [email protected]

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