Five reasons why you should be using S4S dental laboratory

Five reasons why you should be using S4S dental laboratoryS4S Dental are an award-winning dental laboratory, and their mission has been to help dentists throughout the UK provide life-changing treatments.

From snoring and OSA to bruxism and orthodontics, they have helped clinicians deliver dentistry for the last 17 years. Read on to find out why over 19,000 dentists now use their Sheffield-based laboratory.

1. Advancements in digital technology

S4S Dental have been committed to implementing the latest digital systems and software into their daily workflows for several years – determined to keep ahead in the rapidly developing market.

  • Dedicated digital department that sees over 1200 models printed each day
  • 50% of all lab work is manufactured from digital cases, with 70% of retainers now from digital files
  • No charge for 3D model printing with appliances submitted digitally and no charge for digital debonding
  • 3D printed occlusal splints are now in development and will be launched soon.

2. Award-winning customer service

Over the years, S4S Dental have won multiple awards for their customer service and are proud to offer the following:

  • Evident software – allows every one of their dentists to check the status of cases in the lab, book in cases, and make payments, through a unique portal. They also accept AMEX payments
  • Technicians available on the phone – whenever you should need them. Open in office hours, our technicians can be reached five days a week via telephone to discuss individual cases and also offer support
  • Education opportunities – in a quest to raise awareness and treatment availability for conditions including snoring and OSA and bruxism, S4S Dental offer a programme of ECPD verifiable seminars led by respected dental professionals including Professor Ama Johal and Dr Barry Oulton.

3. Environmentally conscious choices

As a company with over 100 employees, S4S Dental are determined to do their bit for the environment. This has seen revisions to regular processes including biodegradable postal bags, the reduction of plastic by replacing appliance bags with cardboard inserts, as well as opting for renewable energy to power their premises.

The advancements in digital technology also mean they have less gypsum waste, making their processes more environmentally friendly.

4. Growing range of products

Determined to keep ahead in the rapidly growing market, S4S Dental are continuously expanding their product range. The most recent addition is Smilefixed – designed to provide a perfect solution for your fixed appliance cases. Smilefixed removes the need to carry a stock of brackets and archwires, providing a simple solution for fixed appliance therapy. Other products include:

  • Smilelign! Celebrating 10 years in the industry this year, some people may not realise that S4S Dental is, in fact, the laboratory behind Smilelign clear aligners
  • 3D splints – as mentioned previously, development is well underway for the production of 3D printed occlusal splints – a product we hope to launch fully in 2023
  • Panthera anti-snoring device. S4S was originally launched in 2005 as Solutions 4 Snoring – so its safe to say that they know a thing or two about this product area. They will soon be offering Panthera to their customers as another option for MAS therapy.

5. Exceptional value

With several laboratories in the industry, it is important to offer dentists service and quality that goes above and beyond the rest:

  • No hidden charges for any appliances – the price quoted is the price you get
  • In-house marketing department that can provide printed and also digital marketing materials to help you advertise treatments in your practice
  • Customer Support Manager available for telephone conversations and also free, virtual Live Learns. These last one hour and are ECPD verifiable
  • Stringent quality control system for all appliances manufactured in their laboratory.

Want to know more?

S4S Dental provide services to over 19,000 dentists throughout the UK. To find out more about their full product range and services, request a free information pack for your practice. Visit

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