The Secret Dentist – a country in chaos

the secret dentist on a country in chaos

As the country falls apart, the Secret Dentist weighs in on its impact on dentistry and how to get on with life. 

Well, well, well, well, well.

All is certainly not well in the UK at the moment!

Fast on the heels of laying Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to rest, our lives seem to have been turned upside down.

There is financial turmoil (around the world and not just in the UK).

The Ukraine crisis getting worse, not better.

Power cuts and candles in December?!

The UK is being ‘Trussed’ good and proper.

Jeremy Hunt who, when health secretary, hammered a few big nails into the coffin lid of NHS dentistry, comes charging along in his suit of armour aboard his trusty stead to rescue us all…

I am not quite sure Nicola Sturgeon nor Keir Starmer can believe their luck.

How will this impact dentistry?

So, taking a deep breath, how does this affect the world we live in within healthcare/dentistry?

To be honest, the majority of dentists working in an NHS general dental practice have been in survival mode for longer than they care to remember.

Some are hoping nirvana is just around the next corner (which never comes).

Some are in total denial that there even is a problem. Others are just blindly walking down the tunnel believing that there is a light at the end of it which will appear at some point in their lifetime.

Personally, I’m getting on with life.

In the song and words of George Ezra:

‘Hey pretty, smiling people, we’re alright together, we’re alright together. Hey pretty, shining people, we’re alright together, we’re alright together.’

Life will carry on. The world won’t end.

You can choose who you listen to and who you associate with.

If you choose the doom-mongers, doom will happen.

If you choose negative people, negative things will happen.

Choose the ‘nay sayers’ and you’ll be saying ‘nay’ for the rest of your life.

Stick with the happy smiling/shining people and you’ll be okay.

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