The long and the (ultra)short on innovative implant options

Ultrashort implants are an innovative solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Introduced by Bredent Medical, they help dentists expand their minimally invasive treatment options to an increased number of patients.

German dental implants company Bredent Medical has introduced the Copasky ultrashort implant system. It offers an alternative to standard dental implants that not only reduces costs – as a result of eradicating the need to build up the bone through augmentation or sinus lift procedures – but also offers a less invasive route to restoration.

The possibility of avoiding risky surgical procedures for bone augmentation in numerous clinical indications makes the Copasky ultrashort a ‘go to’ choice for the replacement of missing teeth from the patient’s perspective.

It makes the whole treatment more affordable. And it eliminates the need for discussions about patients’ aversion to extensive surgeries.

With a length of only 5.2mm and a diameter of 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 or 6.0, the Copasky ultrashort implant makes it possible to utilise the available native bone optimally.

It creates a stable basis for implant-supported restoration, even under the most challenging of conditions. Indeed, the ultrashort implant system lessens the risk of damaging vital structures; such as nerves and blood vessels.

Keep it simple – MID approach

In the paper ‘KISS principle and non-AGP dentistry for pandemic periods and beyond, author Dr Robert Emanuel, consultant in special care dentistry, advocates taking a simple approach.

He suggests that there needs to be an emphasis on new simpler techniques. Concluding that, alongside an increased focus on prevention, dentists might wish to see this as an opportunity to explore the use of simple minimal intervention dentistry (MID) techniques, which in the long run: ‘May help enhance both our patients’ oral health and experience of receiving less invasive dental care’.

Expert opinions

Award-winning Dr Marcus Gambroudes has placed over 4,000 implants. He also trains and mentors other dentists about complex implant cases.

Dr Gambroudes is lecturing and conducting a hands-on practical session at the ADI Team Congress in 2022 demonstrating ‘Why Bredent Medical Copasky is a real practice builder’.

He says: ‘I am impressed by the clinical applications of the Copasky implant range. I use it for the versatility of the implant for placement in areas of limited bone height. As well as immediate placement in extraction sockets and full arch immediate load.’

Meanwhile Professor Emanuel Bratu who was the first oral surgeon to test the Copasky and has been using it for over three years: ‘I mostly use the 5.2mm Copasky ultra short dental implants from Bredent Medical.

‘They work well for the maxillae and mandibles where they provide very good support. In extremely resorbed posterior regions, you can use two or three of these implants splinted together. The long-term results are very satisfactory.

‘There is no bone loss and there is good soft tissue healing around it because of the conical connections of the implant. That applies both for the ultra-short and regular Copasky.’

German efficiency and quality

Having a wide range of prosthetic options is essential for successful treatment outcomes in implant dentistry.

The Copasky range offers all the necessary solutions for conventional and digital workflows. From screw-retained to cemented restorations, from single tooth to full-arch restorations.

A particular highlight is the patented Copasky elegance hybrid abutment. This is a ceramic high-performance polymer (BioHPP) abutment injection on a titanium base.

This abutment has a shock absorbing capacity. It ensures the long-term safety of the ultrashort implant, because it reduces the maximum forces transferred to the implant.

The company’s Copasky implants also have the tried and tested osseo-connect-surface. This enables SKY implants to set milestones in recent decades in immediate restoration.

Optimum use of the available bone is ensured thanks to both the implant design and the bone-oriented surgical protocol. This means that high primary stability and complete osseointegration are guaranteed.

This significantly reduces traumatic stress for patients and the number of treatment sessions. This translates into new patient group acquisition and increased success for the clinician.

However, according to Professor Dr Jörg Neugebauer from Germany, who is an expert in the reliability of implants, a special treatment protocol is required to achieve good success rates when working with these ultrashort implants.

In the molar area, carry out tooth for tooth restoration and avoid pontics. This means if there are three missing teeth, place three implants.

For the definite restoration single crowns or splinted restorations are also possible.

Aesthetically sophisticated, Bredent’s Copasky ultrashort implants are an ideal option when there is not enough bone above the inferior alveolar nerve and sinuses.

They are the preferred choice for the surgery-phobic patient and those wishing to restore their smile in an affordable and less time-consuming way.

For more information about Bredent’s Copasky ultrashort implant system please visit

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