Dentistry podcast – Neil Richardson on thinking about your pension

Dentistry podcast with Neil Richardson – thinking about your pensionIn the run up to Pension Awareness Day this Wednesday, Neil Richardson talks pensions and explains why now is the time for you to plan for your future.

In our latest episode, Neil Richardson, a senior financial consultant for Wesleyan, talks dentistry and all things pensions.

This falls ahead of Pension Awareness Day on Wednesday 15 September, which was drawn up to highlight the importance of saving for the future.

He says: ‘The question to ask, and one I can only encourage clients to ask themselves, is when do I start to plan?

‘For me, the answer is as soon as possible. The minute you step into your first salaried role, you should be thinking, “what’s my end game here?”‘

Listen to the podcast on SpotifyGoogle Podcasts, or Captivate.

Listen to the podcast on SpotifyGoogle Podcasts, or Captivate.

Topics include:

  • When should I start thinking about a pension?
  • What are my options?
  • Do I need a back up plan?
  • What about after retirement?

This podcast was recorded via Zoom.

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