Meeting patient expectations with Chrome

Chrome solutionNik Patel presents a single arch implant case using the Chrome solution from Quoris 3D.

I understand that each patient is an individual with different needs and expectations. So, one of my main non-clinical priorities on a patient’s journey is to take time to listen to their needs. Also, to discuss the different treatment options available to them.

I am dedicated to giving each patient an honest appraisal of what is achievable while delivering a high standard of dental care. I always strive to improve the lives of patients through the creation of natural, healthy smiles.

Case study

One recent patient was a 63-year-old female who was referred to Brynteg Dental Practice for an implant assessment due to her chronic periodontal condition. I assessed her dental and general health and took radiographs.

The fact that this information gathering confirmed that her periodontium was, indeed, not in good condition added to the challenge. Particularly as she was adamant that she wanted a fixed prothesis. When I presented her with possible options, she was not even prepared to have a temporary denture during healing stages.

Having discussed with her how imperative it was she achieve and maintain a good level of gum health with the help of the dental team, we chose to proceed with a fixed option.

Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19, combined with the technical limitations of the practice, the patient and I agreed to use the Chrome system. Ultimately, it offered the best treatment option to meet the patient’s wishes.

  • Figure 1: Anterior view

Why Chrome?

The advantages of Chrome are numerous and include:

  • Digital planning
  • Stackable guides
  • Provision of temporary bridges without the need for an onsite technician
  • Indexing the final bridge in-practice, which prevents numerous appointments in the future (avoiding extra clinical time and costs).

In a nutshell, the Chrome digital workflow enables users to meet the highest aesthetic and functional expectations of patients undergoing dental restorations. This is via a process that is intuitive to use, less invasive, predictable and saves time.

A team effort

  • Figure 4: Full face front view

This was a team effort, including senior implant surgical nurses and support staff.

Mr Ketan Shah carried out the surgical aspect of treatment. He is a consultant maxillofacial oral surgeon based at Morriston Hospital in Swansea. There, he has access to world-class 3D planning software to help plan gold standard implant cases.

Once the team had gathered the necessary patient records, scans and impressions, I attended an online planning meeting with a Quoris 3D planner to finalise all aspects of the case.

This included:

  • Detailed implant placement and orientation
  • Abutment placement and orientation
  • Prosthetic delivery
  • Approval for manufacture of guides and prosthetics.

After that meeting, I received a detailed email confirming the overall plan and listing what implants, abutments and components needed to be ordered from the local implant representative to complete the case.

The case then went to manufacture and within two weeks I received the patient’s case-specific presentation box. This contained all the required Chrome components as agreed. It included detailed written guides of both the surgical and restorative treatment phases.

Chairside support was also available from Quoris 3D founder and award-winning implant dentist James Hamill. This ensured that both my team and my patient benefited fully from Chrome.

From the patient’s point of view regarding treatment, she was overwhelmed with the bridges fitted on the day of surgery. She cannot wait until the final restorations are in place.

  • Figure 8: Fixation base with carrier guide

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