Meet 3shape Automate – the world’s first AI-powered design service for labs

3shape introduces 3shape Automate – the world’s first dental design service platform exclusively powered by AI technology.

Available from the 3shape website, the easy to use, self-service 3shape Automate design service is geared to dental technicians needing to cope with rush periods and an overflow of orders.

On the Automate website, dental technicians can simply set up an unlimited number of orders. They can then add their customised design instructions, upload the scans, and choose their desired turnaround time.

Automate AI technology then creates and returns all design proposals at the selected delivery time. Regardless of the number of designs ordered.

3shape Automate is consistent, fast, and scalable. It therefore helps to reduce overtime and stress for lab technicians by delivering unlimited and predictable dental designs quickly and inexpensively – 24/7 from the Automate website.

Prices start at $1.99 (€1.59) per crown design.

‘AI technology is revolutionising the world,’ says Jakob Just-Bomholt, 3shape CEO.

‘At 3shape, we began applying AI two years ago to make intraoral scanning with Trios effortless. We then used it with our dental software to make workflows much more efficient.

‘Now with the launch of 3shape Automate, dentistry takes a huge leap forward.’

Just-Bomholt adds: ‘Automate is about making life easier for lab technicians. And in keeping with our open philosophy, it also means that Automate is open to both 3shape Dental System and Exocad users. It’s simply, a game changer!’

‘92% design acceptance rate’

3shape Automate pricing is based on design turnaround time. Lab professionals can upload files from 3shape Dental System, Exocad software, and also directly from select scanners.

Regardless of the number of cases uploaded, the AI powered designs are created and returned at the appointed time.

Users can review every design and only pay for designs they approve and download. 3shape Labcare customers also receive a 10% discount on Automate design costs.

‘3shape Automate has already produced more than 65,000 successful designs for USA labs with the service boasting a more than 92% design acceptance rate,’ says Rob Laizure, Fullcontour CEO.

The AI design service received rigorous testing for months under the name Express Crown by the 3shape-owned design service, Fullcontour.

The self-service 3shape Automate platform is available 24/7 in the US and several European countries as listed from the 3shape website at

Users can try Automate for free with a $50 (€40) credit to start.

The service is currently available for monolithic, single posterior crowns – premolars and molars.

Automate design technology is FDA listed and CE marked. Fullcontour provides support and sales for 3shape Automate.

For more info, contact us at [email protected].

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