Why digital?

Kunal Patel discussing digital dentistryJoin Kunal Patel on Dentistry Study Club asking why digital dentistry and how to incorporate it into your practice on the 1 December at 19:00.

Kunal Patel will explain how he maintained contact with all his patients digitally throughout lockdown. As well as performing virtual consultations using the Invisalign and Itero tools.

His presentation will showcase his experience with the Itero 5D. He’ll cover which tools he values the most, how they work, and how they helped during lockdown, and on return to practice.  

Kunal will also conjecture what would happen to his practice during lockdown without the Invisalign and Itero systems.  

He will then explain how the Invisalign system enables him to expand his approach to comprehensive dentistry.

Ultimately Kunal will showcase what he and his team do best. How his Itero system helped amplify this and what non users are missing out on. Kunal will provide evidence of how successful the treatment is for his peers’ practice growth.

More about Kunal Patel

Dr Kunal Patel is the owner of Surrey’s rapidly expanding Love Teeth Dental practice, national Wedding Smiles brand and pioneer of the Mini Smile Makeover technique.

As well as an opinion leader for prominent dental brands, Kunal is a prolific speaker and trainer on subjects ranging from clear aligner orthodontics with the Invisalign and Itero systems to business building and marketing.

He is also a regular contributor to dental publications. He has appeared on national television, radio and papers.

Kunal is the face of Dentists on the National NHS 111 campaign.

To sign up and watch this webinar for free, visit www.dentistrystudyclub.co.uk.

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