Delivering predictability and flexibility with Straumann

Among the many industry-leading brands from the Straumann Group is the Axiom Multi Level implant system, which Anthogyr manufactures. The portfolio incorporates an array of products that provide highly intelligent surgical and prosthetic solutions using Axiom dental implants. They are designed to enable optimal management and stability of both soft and hard tissues, delivering predictable outcomes every time.

Ensuring the flexibility clinicians need to treat a wide range of patients, solutions include both tissue level (TL) and bone level (BL) implants. The Axiom TL implant promotes biological principles to create a volumised, healthy gingiva and a highly aesthetic emergence profile. The Axiom BL implant also encourages fast biological integration, with the sub-crestal placement boosting the aesthetic result.

Both implants support immediate implant placement protocols. They are available in two different profiles to suit the demands of most bone types. These include scarred sites and low-density bone. They are compatible with the Inlink abutment – also from Anthogyr. This delivers a strong, unique locking connection for screw-retained, single or multiple-unit restorations.

Cutting-edge implants

Axiom Multi Level implants facilitate a seamless workflow with simple protocols and specially designed connections. They also support both traditional and fully digital workflows to meet the needs and preferences of all clinicians. The open source CAD/CAM innovations integrate seamlessly for exceptional results. They are also compatible with various dental software programmes for ultimate clinical freedom.

Ensuring prosthetic flexibility, the SCAN-CAD solution offers a range of prosthetic applications, combining the Medit Identica Hybrid scanner with Exocad software for fast and accurate treatment. Further still, the technical support team is always on hand should you require anything during the scanning and 3D modelling process.

The Axiom Multi Level implants from Anthogyr are just one of many cutting-edge products also available from the Straumann Group, a comprehensive solution provider. To find out more, contact the team today.

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