Finding joy in making a difference for patients

smilekind implant specialist in . piezosurgery shop front Sami Stagnell explains what attracted him to implant dentistry, why he uses piezosurgery in his practice and how being an oral surgeon helps his approach to implants.

Starting out early

When and why did you decide to go into dentistry?

I made the decision when I was a kid; mostly because I had a really good dentist! He was someone who was actually quite fun to go and see. Even back then had a really relaxed and calm approach to dentistry. He took a very holistic view, so I never had bad experiences.

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Inspired to specialise

What attracted you to implant dentistry specifically?

As a teenager, I ended up doing work experience with a prominent dentist who did implant dentistry. The surgical side of dentistry just blew my mind. I remember thinking. ‘This is so much more than I ever thought was possible as a dentist and something I really want to do’. I was so inspired by this that knew the direction I wanted to take before I started dental school!

Essentially, I think I’m attracted to implants because they’re such a brilliant solution to problem solving missing or failing teeth. They open up a world of what you can offer people. I think as technology around dentistry has improved, they have become more available to patients.This technology has also made practising dentistry exciting.

Implants cross-over with most other fields in dentistry too, and are blended into holistic treatment plans that encompass other fields. It also means that practitioners can integrate implant dentistry alongside their interests and it blends nicely…

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