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Tooth regrowth medicine set to enter clinical trials
A medicine to grow new teeth is set to enter clinical trials in July next year after being developed in…
Making the jump from dental nurse to dentist
Laura Maddison talks to Dentistry Online about her journey from dental nurse to dentist – and why it’s all been…
Considering specialising in oral and maxillofacial surgery?
Have you ever thought of specialising in oral and maxillofacial surgery? Simran Bains gives an idea of what’s involved. In…
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Finding joy in making a difference for patients
Sami Stagnell explains what attracted him to implant dentistry, why he uses piezosurgery in his practice and how being an…
Implant dentistry
Joey Essex recovers from oral surgery using cooling face mask
Joey Essex has undergone surgery for removal of his wisdom teeth. The reality star had four wisdom teeth removed, and…
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Patient wakes from dental surgery believing she’s Kylie Jenner
A teenage girl has been captured on film waking from general anaesthesia after undergoing wisdom teeth removal surgery, and believing she is…
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Pain relief before oral surgery has ‘little effect’ on postoperative pain
Research suggests pain relief before oral surgery makes little difference Giving pain relief before oral surgery takes place has little effect on postoperative discomfort, claims…
Implant dentistry
Ground-breaking implant course wows dentists
An implant course claiming to be the first implant and bone grafting course to run in collaboration with oral and…
Implant dentistry
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