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In case you haven’t noticed, the aesthetic dentistry market is changing. Acquisition Aesthetics, an award-winning facial aesthetics training academy with specialist plastic, maxillofacial and dental surgeons, is here to tell you why you should train in Botox​​ and dermal fillers today.

Dentists today can complement their practice and boost their income through facial aesthetic treatments with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. Cosmetic injectables can be used to augment the facial proportions, enhance bony contours and improve the texture and appearance of the skin surface. ‘Best Young Dentist 2016’ winner and Acquisition Aesthetics’ trainer, Dr Rhona Eskander, says: ‘Clients today are seeking out dentists who can not only restore the functionality and cosmesis of the teeth but can integrate treatments of the soft tissues (cosmetic injectables) to provide holistic care plans, which can transform faces and change lives.’

Societal shifts and the ever increasing power of social media have driven a boom in demand for facial aesthetics treatments and a migration in popularity from the surgical to the non-surgical option in aesthetic enhancement. The selfie era is well and truly upon us, with millennials predicted to take almost 25,000 selfies in a lifetime, according to (2017)​. Media influences have resulted in the normalisation and even celebration of these injectable procedures. In a world in which access to information approaches the unlimited and the freedom and power of choice is so important, it’s no wonder the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (BAAPS) recently reported a record number of over 51,000 UK citizens undergoing cosmetic procedures within one year, according to​ These figures reflect the evolving desires and expectations of your clients and therefore, new opportunities for you and your dental practice.

Acquisition Aesthetics’ trainer and cosmetic dentist, Dr Sheila Li, says: ‘Expanding treatment portfolios to include injectables allows dentists to complement their restorative and cosmetic dental work to ultimately balance the smile, providing full facial rejuvenation.’ Botulinum toxin injections, for example, can be used effectively to correct a gummy smile and narrow the jaws of patients with masseteric hypertrophy. No downtime, minimally invasive, excellent results and comfortably affordable. Through novel and innovative techniques, dermal fillers can now be used to disguise class II skeletal malocclusions through chin and jawline augmentation in addition to the more traditional techniques such as lip enhancement and correction of lower face wrinkles. Procedures such as these not only enhance the overall aesthetics of the lower facial third, but can also showcase dental work on a more ideal soft tissue scaffold. Furthermore, toxin can be administered to treat disease processes including bruxism and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Dentists therefore choosing to harness these skills can not only support a greater longevity of their clinical dentistry, but can also improve the quality of life of their patients, supporting trust and long-lasting professional relationships.

With trends towards facial aesthetics set to continue, practitioners should act now if they aspire to compete in the evolving dental market. Today, more than ever before, the public are aware of the risks associated with receiving cosmetic procedures through an inappropriate or under-qualified provider and are looking to healthcare professionals, including dentists, for safe and reliable results. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are acquired through aesthetics can also support the development of general dental practice, facilitating the delivery of holistic treatment plans, which not only result in happier patients but open the door to a more lucrative business.

As a level seven accredited training provider in aesthetic medicine, we urge dentists who have the interest and ambition to pursue the field to do so with confidence and conviction. Our multi-disciplinary faculty of plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and award-winning aesthetic dentists can help you devise treatment plans that will revolutionise your approach to smile design and realise new realms of success in dentistry.

For a limited time only, Acquisition Aesthetics is offering an exclusive 5% discount* for readers and subscribers of ‘Aesthetic Dentistry’ with discount code ‘AesDental18’. For further information, please visit our website at​ ​​ or call us on 02033895611.

*Discount for a limited time only (expires: 31/08/2018). Discount not including level seven certificate in aesthetic medicine.

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