Gaining an insight into the nature of dental caries

To provide an insight into the nature of dental caries, Dr Geoff Knight, a general dentist from Melbourne, Australia with a special interest in aesthetic dentistry, will be presenting an evening lecture called The pharmalogical management of caries next month.

Taking place in London on the evening of Monday 13 March, the event aims to expand the concept of pharmacological caries management.

Traditional approach

Despite ongoing advancements in dentistry, caries management continues to rely upon some form of tooth preparation prior to the placement of a restoration.

This traditional approach often requires local anaesthesia, complex infrastructure and a time consuming series of procedures that makes dental treatment expensive in both the private and public sectors denying many people access to even basic care.

The pharmacological management of carious tooth structure requires minimal infrastructure to kill the bacteria within the lesion and remineralise carious dentine into a protective caries resistant layer upon which an atraumatic restoration can be placed either at the time of the procedure or at a later date.

This simple management protocol can be efficiently applied in both the private and public dental sectors and in remote locations lacking the infrastructure required for traditional care.


Throughout the evening, the following topics will be discussed:

  • The nature of carious dentine
  • In vitro studies showing the effect of silver diamine fluoride and potassium iodide upon caries induced dentine
  • Managing AgF tooth discolouration and improving its effectiveness with KI
  • The clinical management of caries in emerging communities
  • The clinical management of caries in deciduous and permanent teeth
  • The use of AgF/KI as a root canal disinfectant prior to obturation.

By the end of the lecture, attendees will have gained insights into the nature of dental caries and discovered how to manage caries atraumatically using pharmacological techniques across all aspects of dental care.

Hosted by The Dental Wellness Trust and SDI, registration for the lecture opens at 6.30pm where refreshments and light buffet will be available. The lecture will take place between 7pm and 9pm, with the opportunity for questions and answers at the end.

All tickets are available from Eventbrite. To register for a ticket, please visit the website.

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