Aesthetics: the cutting edge of contemporary dentistry

shutterstock_342220136UCL Eastman introduces its range of aesthetic courses.

Aesthetic dentistry is one of the most popular, rewarding and constantly evolving fields of interdisciplinary dentistry. There is a growing demand amongst patients for their dentists to offer sound restorative options that result in natural-looking, rehabilitated dentitions.

Here at UCL Eastman we offer a variety of degree and CPD programmes, designed for those who wish to remain at the cutting edge of contemporary dentistry. Our graduates are able to meet and deliver with confidence, the needs of patients with high aesthetic expectations.

Emphasis is placed in acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills in the areas of aesthetic restorations, contemporary biomaterials and evidence-based clinical procedures and techniques.

The format for all our aesthetic programmes is: morning interactive lectures with ample clinical cases; followed by afternoon hands-on training. Hands on is conducted in our state-of-the-art skills lab and clinic, always in small groups with one instructor per four or five students. We provide all equipment and evidence-based selected materials for the exercises. We provide a compilation of handouts and, in the case of our certificate programme, a designated textbook.

UCL Eastman PG Certificate in advanced aesthetic dentistry

Invest in your career with our part-time degree programme (24 non-consecutive days between October and July) exploring in-depth the most important topics of aesthetic restorative dentistry.

The application deadline for the 2017/18 Programme is 1 June 2017. Find out more about advanced aesthetic dentistry here.

Not sure? Try a free taster day first.

Masterclass in aesthetic dentistry

On the 13-17 March or 20-25 November 2017

This is a very popular one-week (five consecutive days) CPD programme with ample hands-on training:

  • Day one: aesthetic evaluation, smile custom development, mock-ups, occlusal considerations, dental photography
  • Day two: ceramic anterior crowns and veneers
  • Day three: step-by-step cementation of etchable ceramics with two different step-by-step protocols
  • Day four: direct composite restorations – materials, step-by-step layering technique, pulp protection
  • Day five: atraumatic extraction and site preservation, anterior crown lengthening.

Find out more about the masterclass in aesthetic dentistry by clicking here.

Aesthetic restorative procedures

Begins on 31 October 2017.

CPD course held on five days across five months.

  • Day one: direct composite restorations – materials, step-by-step layering technique, pulp protection
  • Day two: ceramic anterior crowns and veneers – indications, planning, preparations, armamentarium, ceramic families and their properties, impressions
  • Day three: tooth whitening (external, internal microabrasion, materials, clinical steps, management of sensitivity), aesthetic anterior temporaries
  • Day four: aesthetic metal ceramics – complex preparation scenarios. Aesthetic design for metal ceramic crowns and bridges
  • Day five: step-by-step cementation of etchable ceramics, with two different protocols.

Find out more about the aesthetic restorative procedures course by clicking here.

Dental business principles workshop

Will be held on the 3 April 2017.

An interactive one-day workshop that provides tools and ideas to:

  • increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase the profitability of your dental practice
  • Handle patients’ complaints
  • Turn mistakes into opportunities
  • Build the ideal staff team for your practice’s needs
  • Enhance effective communication with patients and your team members
  • Develop patient profiling and understanding
  • Increase the number of loyal patients.

Find out more about the one-day dental business principles workshop by clicking here.

For more information on any of the above please contact the programme director, Dr Konstantina Dedi, at [email protected].

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