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Oral Health Highlights – how do we give children oral health advice without access to a dentist?
After the BBC reported that eight in 10 NHS practices aren’t taking on new children for treatment, Amber Ojak discusses…
Oral health
Oral Health Highlights – spotting skin lesions and oral cancer
This month Amber Ojak discusses how dental therapists and hygienists play a crucial role in the wider setting of healthcare,…
Oral health
Oral Health Highlights – are dental therapists the solution to the crisis?
This month for Oral Health Highlights, Amber Ojak discusses the true potential of dental therapists and how they can help…
Oral health
Oral Health Highlights – keeping oral health routines even when on holiday
Amber Ojak gives some simple tips to give patients so they can maintain a good oral health routine whilst on…
Oral health
Oral Health Highlights – let’s talk about the tongue
Amber Ojak explains why it’s so important to remind patients about not forgetting to clean their tongue during their oral…
Oral health
Oral Health Highlights – looking at the bigger picture
Amber Ojak reflects on the crisis facing those living in Ukraine and explains how the dental community is helping in…
Oral health
Oral Health Highlights – putting patients back into the driving seat
Amber Ojak explores patient perceptions of hygiene appointments and how they may need educating on their own oral hygiene routine.…
Oral health
Oral Health Highlights – reflecting on 2021’s lessons
Amber Ojak launches her new series – Oral Health Highlights. In her opening column she reflects on 2021 and predicts…
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