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Fail to learn from history and be doomed to repeat it
Nigel Jones urges dentists to take steps to ensure they don’t face the same challenges many did after the 2006…
A looming workforce crisis
A more positive portrayal of NHS dentists in the media could help public perception of the workforce, says Nigel Jones.…
NHS negativity is thwarting potential in dentistry
NHS dentistry might make some feel despondent, but don’t let it ruin your passion, says Nigel Jones. I have to…
Last chance to fill in dentistry survey
There are just a few weeks left for NHS and private dentists to complete the Dentistry Confidence Monitor survey. Dentists…
‘Lack of progress in contract reform means many are questioning how long they can wait’
With a reformed contract due to be rolled out in less than 12 months, Practice Plan has been inviting NHS…
At the edge of endurance?
Nigel Jones questions the plausibility of the reformed NHS contract. In a year’s time, we are told, the roll-out of…
Survey asks dentists about contract reform, the GDC and mental health
A year before the new NHS contract is rolled out, a survey is being launched to ask dentists for their…
Dentists support move to core service for NHS dentistry
More than three quarters (77%) of dentists would support a government move to a core NHS dental service. The 2018…
Political disappointments
Nigel Jones talks about his disappointment in the growing pressure and responsibility placed on clinicians in the current political climate.…
Trust goes both ways
Nigel Jones reflects on trustworthiness and its place in dentistry. From politics to brands, the presence or absence of trust…
Planning ahead for April 2020 contract rollout
Zoe Close suggests a couple of dates to keep an eye out for in the next 15 months if you’re…
A third of European dentists may leave the UK after Brexit
Almost a third of dentists from Europe are considering leaving the UK in the next few years. That’s according to…
Dentists invited to ‘What next for NHS dentistry?’ event
NHS dentists are being invited to a free event where a panel of their peers, including Eddie Crouch from the…
Shattering the NHS illusion
If change is to come, Nigel Jones believes it will have to be driven by the profession, not the Government.…
What are the current pressures facing private dentists?
Nigel Jones talks about the current stresses private dentists are facing and what the future may hold.
Private Practice
Why should you consider a diploma in implant dentistry?
Nigel Jones explains why the FGDP(UK) is the best place to start for your diploma in implant dentistry. For more…
Implant dentistry
What are the current pressures facing NHS dentists?
Nigel Jones talks about the current stresses NHS dentists are facing and why they could become a big issue in…
New president appointed at the British Society for Advanced Dentistry Conference
The British Society for Advanced Dentistry (BSAD) announced the appointment of its new president, Dr Nigel Jones, at its most…
What you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… Below-inflation pay rise…
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