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Engagement and purpose – the better alternative to simple ‘carrot or stick’ management
Creating a spirit where staff become engaged with the company will work better than the ‘carrot or stick’ approach, Mark…
#beproud urges dental professionals to share their ‘good’ achievements
National Smile Month sees the launch of a new campaign aimed at highlighting and supporting the dental profession’s greatest achievements…
Time to take the first steps to greener dentistry?
Launching our eco-dentistry section, Mark Topley lists some easy ways you can make your practice better for the environment. It has never…
Want fewer token gifts? Try the ‘not so secret’ Santa
As Christmas approaches, Mark Topley introduces a different way to help charities. We’re finally in December, and Christmas is definitely fast approaching. I’m…
Dentistry united
Mark Topley explains how charitable events can help to bring people together. An interesting thing happened at this year’s BDIA…
What you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… Below-inflation pay rise…
Why is the charity bike ride so popular?
It’s more than just a bike ride. Mark Topley explains why the charity bike rides seem so popular at the moment.…
What The West Wing teaches us about building trust with patients
Mark Topley explains what dental practices can learn from The West Wing. I love The West Wing. I have the box…
What’s your story?
What’s your story and are you telling people about it, Mark Topley asks. As the Native American proverb says: ‘Tell…
Put some heart into your community
Dentists and practices should be more involved with their local communities, Mark Topley says. It has been great for me…
There’s a new normal for responsible business
The latest move from Blackrock could create a new shift in direction for businesses, Mark Topley says. Every now and then something pops up…
Will CSR be a focus for your business this year?
Implementing a CSR strategy this year could be very rewarding for your practice, says Nigel Jones. Although different businesses have…
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