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The future of wellbeing for dental teams
Mahrukh Khwaja details her top predictions for where wellbeing is heading within dentistry.  Running a successful dental practice involves more…
Future of Dentistry
Boosting resilience and wellbeing in dentistry
Mahrukh Khwaja details how preventative education is key to minimising burnout within dentistry. The theme for World Mental Health Day…
Burnt out to thriving – the importance of preventative approaches to wellbeing in dentistry
‘The rewards are tremendous’: Mahrukh Khwaja looks at the importance of engaging dental professionals to take a preventative approach to…
Dental Business Theatre line up announced
Nigel Jones announces the line up at this year’s Dental Business Theatre and encourages you to come along. Once again,…
Stress awareness month – let’s talk about it
With April signifying stress-awareness month, Mahrukh Khwaja draws attention to positive psychology strategies to overcome stress and increase well-being. Stress…
90 seconds with…Mahrukh Khwaja
Mahrukh Khwaja discusses why she got into dentistry and what she hopes to create into the future that might help…
Thrive in dentistry with Mind Flossing wellbeing cards
After launching the Mind Flossing toolkit, which consists of a deck of cards to nurture greater wellbeing and resilience, creator…
Tackling burnout through positive psychology
Catherine Rutland speaks to Mahrukh Khwaja about working with dental professionals on enhancing the wellbeing of the profession. Never has…
Benefit of finding meaning in the pandemic
Mahrukh Khwaja discusses how dental professionals can use benefit finding exercises to make them feel happier. As lockdown eases in…
Make looking after your mental health and wellbeing a priority
It has been a difficult 12 months for those in the dental profession. Many individuals suffer from high levels of…
Mindfulness to the rescue for dental professionals
Siobhan Kelleher chats to Mahrukh Khwaja about tackling burnout, building resilience and founding Mind Ninja. Tell us about your dental…
Avoiding burnout – how to foster engaged dental professionals
Mahrukh Khwaja discusses the importance of fostering engagement to avoid burnout and how it can boost wellbeing and resilience levels.…
The power of positivity during the second wave of COVID-19
Mahrukh Khwaja discusses how to lean into positive emotions to counteract the anxiety of the second wave of COVID-19. As…
Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… CDO Sara Hurley…
The transformative effects of mindfulness in dentistry
Mahrukh Khwaja discusses how mindfulness can suppress anxiety in dentistry and replace it with optimism and courage.  Do you regularly…
The Dental Innovation Symposium – introducing Mahrukh Khwaja
The Dental Innovation Symposium promises to give you the insight you need to grow your practice all under one roof.…
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