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Running a modern, efficient and larger dental practice
Stuart Garton from the Dental House in Liverpool talks about how Ismile Dental Software has helped him to run a…
Private Practice
Going paperless
Kim Done explains the process of moving from paper- to a computer-run practice and how Ismile helped. As a practice…
It’s all about the service
Dave Stone explains his experience of moving over to Ismile. What is Ismile? Dave Stone (DS): Ismile is a…
A walk in the park
Stuart Garton explains how moving from a completely paper-based system to Ismile practice management software was a stress-free transition.…
Affordable practice management software
Hamssa Mansour talks to about how pleased she is after purchasing Ismile for her practice. Why did you…
Offering great after sales support
Seb Evans speaks to Alpa Johar about integrating Ismile into her practice. Seb Evans (SE): What made you choose Ismile?…
The simple things
Seb Evans speaks to Ara Madani about how having simple practice management software in his practice has helped. Seb Evans…
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Managing your practice software
Seb Evans talks to Christopher Hajistilly about how he integrated Ismile into his practice and what the response has been…
Dentistry Features
‘A big thanks’ to our practice management software
Stephen Nulty explains how Ismile has improved the running of his practice. Seb Evans (SE): Why did you move to…
Dentistry Features
Reaching your potential
After introducing Ismile into her practice, Seb Evans asks Su Rai how she has found the computer system. Seb Evans…
Dentistry Features
Highly recommended dental software
Ahmed Aleshaiker explains why he would ‘highly recommend’ Ismile for your dental practice. Seb Evans (SE): Why did you choose…
Dentistry Features
Time saving software
Seb Evans speaks to Olga Kent to ask why she chose Ismile for her practice management software. Seb Evans (SE):…
Dentistry Features
Plug and play software
Adam Llewellyn shares with Sophie Bracken his experiences implementing Ismile practice management software across three sites. Sophie Bracken (SB): What is…
Dentistry Features
Transforming an ‘old-fashioned’ practice
Aine Marshall explains how the ‘impressive’ Ismile software transformed her practice. Seb Evans (SE): Why did you choose Ismile? Aine…
Dentistry Features
‘Approachable’ dental software
Seb Evans asks Greg Paysden about the new Ismile dental software and how it has helped Greg’s practice. Seb Evans…
Dentistry Features
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