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BusinessSeb Evans talks to Christopher Hajistilly about how he integrated Ismile into his practice and what the response has been since it was installed.

Seb Evans (SE): Can you give us a quick insight into your practice background?

Christopher Hajistilly (CH): We have two surgeries, mixed NHS and private, leaning mostly towards private. We’re based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

We’re a family practice but we specialise in disciplines such as cosmetic makeovers, implant dentistry, cosmetic orthodontics and facial rejuvenation procedures.

SE: Why did you choose Ismile as your practice management software?

CH: I was looking for something that ticked the boxes for excellent clinical record keeping including facial rejuvenation, patient management (such as recalls and reminders), and business management, like keeping track of finances, patient numbers, numbers of appointments kept and missed and so on.

Other companies couldn’t match the capabilities of Ismile, especially when it came to recording facial rejuvenation treatments. They suggested I scan pictures onto the notes but this wasn’t good enough and with Ismile I can record doses, areas, volumes and so on with great ease for each visit.

I was mainly won over by Ismile’s customer service. The team were polite, responsive, organised and flexible. Other companies made me feel like I had to sign up with them and that they expected my business because of their reputation. Ismile was totally different.

The Ismile team offered excellent customer service at the beginning and this has not changed. If I give them a call they sort any issues out as quickly as they can.

SE: Did you have any practice management software before you moved to Ismile?

CH: Technically yes, but in reality not really. The system we had previously was very old and not very user friendly.

Before I took over the practice they were using paper and computer systems. The team were using the software for computer notes but they weren’t using it as practice management software, not to its full potential. They weren’t using the diary system either. So in reality, no
not really.

SE: How has Ismile helped your practice?

CH: It’s great for the recalls and the appointment reminders. To be fair I’ve only just started to use the recall system myself in the last couple of weeks really.

I undertook a course on business management and it was strongly recommended to set up an automated recall system. The team at Ismile were able to sort this out very quickly and comprehensively.

So I can’t really tell you what result that’s had because it’s only just been implemented. But certainly being able to send the emails and texts is very good.

I am also able to bring up various statistics, graphs and information that is essential for monitoring the practice performance, patient numbers and for the accounts too.

SE: How have the staff taken to Ismile?

CH: Really well. In the beginning I think they would have happily lynched me, because nobody likes change.

I think we’re gradually getting used to it now. We’ve had it for almost two years and to be fair I’m still learning. So I call up the Ismile team if I don’t know how to do something and ask and they talk us through it.

SE: How easy was it to install?

CH: Not too bad, however we did need to coordinate the installation of the new computers, new wiring, transfer of the database and so on. However Ismile made this as easy and stress free as possible, and we had no major issues.

SE: Would you recommend Ismile?

CH: Yes, definitely. It’s a very good system that does what it’s supposed to. I’m very happy.

I do recommend it as well when I speak to my colleagues and they ask me. I always recommend Ismile and that I’m very happy with it. I always tell them I prefer it to any other software out on the market.

For more information on Ismile visit or call 0845 468 1287.

Christopher Hajistilly BDS honours (London), MClinDent implantology, MJDF (FDS) is the principal dentist of a busy mixed practice in Welwyn Garden City. He has achieved masters of clinical dentistry in dental implants, and has recently been a guest speaker for BPP University. Dental implants, Invisalign, cosmetic dental and facial aesthetic treatments are his main interests. Outside of the profession Chris is a keen golfer and film fan. He adores his dogs and country walks, and loves to travel with his wife, family and friends. Chris enjoys entertaining, cooking and socialising, whether over a coffee or a lovely meal.

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