Going paperless

Kim Done explains the process of moving from paper- to a computer-run practice and how Ismile helped.

As a practice manager, taking over a new practice is a very daunting task, but when the practice is still paper-based and you need to transition to a computer-run practice, the job at hand becomes even scarier.

Four years ago the practice principal purchased an NHS practice and I set myself the challenge of choosing which software to use, this was overwhelming. Having used only two different types of software before, I looked at the options available.

The main aim was finding a system that would allow patient entry to be as easy as possible.

We had over 3,000 records to transfer from paper to computer. Finding a system that is friendly for clinicians, receptionists and managers is no small feat.

Going digital

I came across Ismile, not a software name I had heard before, but its demo appeared easy to adapt to, especially for those staff who had never used computers for dental records before.

The team came into the practice and worked with all the staff to ensure they had full training and a good understanding of the software and its use.

Each staff member had training tailored to their role within the practice. Post-training, we had all the assistance we needed via email, telephone or dial in.

There is also an on-screen option to send a message directly to Ismile help, this is a lot quicker for a busy practice than logging into our email or picking up the phone.

The display screens were easy to interpret and we could customise them to our practice’s needs.The non-clinical information was easily displayed for receptionists, the clinical screen displayed notes and the treatment plans on one page, and as a manager I was able to use the reports to help manage clinical audits.


Ismile has always welcomed feedback on its software and if we have any issues, the team at Ismile have been happy to deal with them promptly and with ease. Ismile has kept up to date and adapted the software in accordance with changes in regulation and access such as GDPR.

We receive emails on any new updates to the software well in advance, with full explanations and diagrams, which I can forward to the other staff members.

This makes staff training on new updates and changes extremely easy. Since implementing the ‘Healthy gums do matter’ guidance into practice, the periodontal chart comparison has been my most used feature.

This has been essential in planning the next step for a patients action plan. I am able to see improvement or decline in their periodontal health with a click of a button.

Our practice has developed through the use of Ismile.

Once an old surgery, today we provide leading NHS care, private dentistry and private facial aesthetics. This is all aided through high standards of digital software such as Ismile.

As a whole, Ismile has provided a professional and user-friendly service and I would highly recommend Ismile software to any dental practice.

For more information visit www.ismiledental.co.uk.

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