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ReceptionSeb Evans speaks to Ara Madani about how having simple practice management software in his practice has helped.

Seb Evans (SE): Did you have any practice management software before Ismile?

Ara Madani (AM): I worked eight/nine years with one major practice management software company. Then I had another dental surgery in Norwich, which had a different major software company for another four years. Both of these were absolutely horrible.

I moved to Ismile when I moved to Diss, and all I will say is that the Ismile team is made up of such friendly people. The whole reason I pay money every month is for the aftercare. With other companies, if you have any problems you get put in a queue on the phone and have to wait 30/40 minutes to speak to anyone. The attitude, because they are a big company, is unbelievable.

But Ismile is so nice, every time. I have called several times on a Sunday and there’s always a reply. If there’s a problem they say ‘don’t worry’ and Sunday afternoon someone comes in and it’s sorted. They are reasonable, not expensive.

SE: Why did you choose to go with Ismile in the first place?

AM: I had another software provider in Norwich. I bought a practice in Diss and the same software provider was included in the price of the practice. I said there is no way I’m carrying on with them.

So I searched for another software provider and found Ismile. The team came to show us how Ismile worked and it’s so simple, everything is so simple, it’s not complicated. Anything you want to change yourself you can, you don’t need to ask anybody to come in and do it for you.

SE: How have the staff taken to Ismile?

AM: Very well. My staff initially were quite reluctant, they were used to the old software. But we had a very good training session with Ismile and after a week we were ready. They came again and taught us a few small things on the computer and that’s it, we never had any problems. Since then I’ve said to all my colleagues to change to Ismile.

I have 12,000 patients in my practice, we’re ever so busy. The last thing I need is a problem with the computer and difficulty contacting the software company. So far every time I call Ismile, at different times, eight in the morning, last thing at night, they always help.

With other software companies, everything you want to do, any changes you want to make, you have to go through the company. I bought a digital X-ray machine and to integrate it into another software’s programme you have to pay a fee. But Ismile, they said no it’s not a problem, they just did it for free.

SE: What are your favourite features for Ismile?

AM: Everything’s good. I like everything with Ismile.

SE: Do you use any of the reports?

AM: I do the reports at the end of the month. I went to the clinic yesterday actually and checked the reports for outstanding open courses of treatment, you can check everything with Ismile.

Mainly, I check the open courses of treatment every two months. There are so many UDAs, sometimes you do the treatment but you forget to close the treatment plan, the way to get your UDA. So that’s probably one of my favourite features. But of course the financial reporting, the wages and so on is really useful.

To be honest I haven’t got any specific favourites, the whole programme is my favourite because it’s so simple to use, the support and it’s reasonably priced.

SE: Has the recall system helped your practice?

AM: I have only done it twice so far and it’s simple as well. I just have to click and they’re all sent. I can remind people by SMS, on the phone, or by email, so I’ll send another out next month too. We can amend the patient’s details to see whether they have been in the last 12 months, 15 months etc and send a reminder. And again you can add your logo to the email yourself. With other software companies you have to ask the company to add these features in. I’m 42 years old, I’m not very good with the computer, I need something simple, simple but still good. That’s what Ismile is.

SE: Would you recommend Ismile?

AM: I would recommend it to everyone.

For more information about Ismile, visit or call 0845 468 1287.

Ara Madani trained in Sweden, which is one of the leading countries in dentistry, before moving to the UK in 2004, where he now lives with his wife and two daughters in Colchester. Ara bought his first practice 2011 in Norwich and shortly after that, bought a practice in Diss in 2012. Ara has many years of academic and professional training and experience of detection and treating extensive gum diseases using the latest non-invasive techniques. He treats nervous patients with understanding and care and he has a reputation of providing painless and thorough treatments.

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