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TimeSeb Evans speaks to Olga Kent to ask why she chose Ismile for her practice management software.

Seb Evans (SE): Can you briefly explain what Ismile is?

Olga Kent (OK): Ismile is a computer program for dental practices.

It’s ideal for practices that are looking to computerise or
partly computerise.

SE: Why did you choose to move away from your previous provider?

OK: The practice is partly computerised, we still keep paperwork but just for medical histories and to keep X-rays.

We’re moving towards becoming fully computerised, but we’re not there yet.

We used a previous company for our practice management system, but it was difficult for us to use, particularly when moving between patients.

It was a complicated program, we needed software that would make our lives easier and save time.

Writing notes and dealing with patients takes time, and as an NHS practice, time is essential.

I’d been searching around and I’d had a few demo views with some different practice management software.

We decided to go with Ismile because it was exactly the right program we were looking for.

Price wise it was really suitable for us, we’re a small practice so every penny counts and we had budgeted what we could spend.

Ismile ticked all our boxes.

SE: How easy was it to implement into your practice?

OK: Very easy.

We received a day’s training, because the program is easy to understand, everybody picked it up straight away.

It was a very smooth transition from the previous software to this one.

SE: How long did it take to install?

OK: Ismile did it all outside of our working hours and didn’t take any time out of our practice.

We didn’t have to close.

We came in the next day and everything was all ready for us.

SE: How have the staff got on with the new software?

OK: They were very happy with the new program, it was much easier to understand and to use.

We are happy and we don’t have any complaints.

SE: What was the after sales support like?

OK: It’s great.

Any time we ring the team at Ismile they answer straight away.

They can remotely log in and help us.

Or, if there isn’t a solution available, they give us a time when it will be done.

The support is great.

SE: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

OK: I would recommend Ismile to other practices.

It’s very easy to understand the program, there’s great support, the Ismile team listens to all of our suggestions and tries to customise the software for us.

It’s great!

For more information on Ismile practice management software, visit www.ismiledental.co.uk.

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