Highly recommended dental software

ComputerAhmed Aleshaiker explains why he would ‘highly recommend’ Ismile for your dental practice.

Seb Evans (SE): Why did you choose Ismile for your practice?

Ahmed Aleshaiker (AA): I think I saw it advertised in a dental magazine.

I contacted them and they were really friendly, they sent me a DVD straight away. When I spoke to them over the phone they sounded really helpful.

SE: You’ve grown from a two-surgery practice to a four-surgery practice. How has Ismile helped you with this?

AA: I told Ismile what I needed at the start, when I only had two surgeries. They came in and had a look at what I needed and they did all the hardware ordering for me, so all I got was an invoice for the computers.

They did all the hard work running around for the order and finding out what I needed and the specifications.

I then drew a simple map of the practice, and Ismile took it to their partner in Stoke to arrange the fitting. They arranged a date and it was fine to come in on a Sunday, and they came in and installed everything, the work was really nice and neat.

Ismile were on the ball when we were expanding. We have another station now and they’re going to do exactly the same thing, they’re really helpful. That’s the nice thing about Ismile, when you’re expanding, they don’t just sell you the product and leave you, they carry on and help.

SE: Is the software easily scalable?

AA: Yes certainly. Once you’re connected, Ismile can control everything remotely. If I have a problem, I just call them and they can access all our computers remotely. So if I have any problems I’ll send a text message and they’ll sort it.

SE: Have you needed any further training since installing the software?

AA: Not really. We had one of the staff come in and give us a presentation for the whole day. In the morning we were just shown how to use the system, starting from scratch. Then we applied and practised with real patients.

Some of my associates had worked on other software systems and they found this really easy to work on, very straight forward.

The service at Ismile is really good. They dedicate a manager in the company for you to contact directly. You call him on his mobile and he’ll almost always answer. If not, he’ll just call me back promptly.

SE: How has the practice adapted to the new software?

AA: Some of our staff hadn’t used a computer in a dental practice before, we’d only used cards. There were a couple of teething issues initially, but that would be the same with any software going from card to computer.

The team picked up quite a lot of tips from the training. We got lots of tips on how to book appointments quicker, or if someone cancels to move it, or a way of linking family members so if someone changes their address the whole family will change in one go. All these small bits make life much easier.

SE: What else would you like to say about Ismile?

AA: I think their prices are reasonable compared to other software on the market. Once you reach five computers, that’s the maximum they will charge for. Past five you pay the same price. We’re planning to expand and so it shouldn’t cost too much more for us.

Ismile has nice features, like Inote, where you write a note and it can follow the patient on the system. You can send the patient’s medical history before they arrive, that way you can have everything prepared before they come into the practice.

It’s really useful for marketing, it can help expand your practice. We can send regular messages as reminders to patients so there’s less chance they miss their appointment.

SE: Would you recommend Ismile?

AA: Yes I’d recommend them highly.

For more information on Ismile practice management software, visit ismiledental.co.uk.

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