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Paediatric care – setting the foundation
Yasamin Yousefi and Ama Salaudeen discuss the crisis in children’s tooth extractions and how one initiative can help dental teams…
Oral health
Children’s brushing battles and simple ways to combat them
Figures from Oral-B reveal the reality of British children’s oral health habits. Research has highlighted the latest oral health battle…
Oral health
Starting Well campaign having a positive impact
Starting Well is helping to improve the oral health of children and close the north-south divide, research shows. Dr Robin…
Fillings not the best way to tackle tooth decay in children
There’s no evidence to suggest conventional fillings are more successful than sealing decay into teeth. Findings from a major dental…
BSPD welcomes children’s oral health reference in NHS Long Term Plan
The inclusion of children’s oral health in the NHS Long Term Plan – published yesterday has been welcomed by the British Society…
BSPD’s Outstanding Innovation Award open for 2019 entries
The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry’s Outstanding Innovation Award is open for entries. The award, now in its second year,…
Oral health
Wake-up call for MPs on childrens’ oral health
Michael Watson reports on the Westminster debate last week about childrens’ oral health. MPs received a wake-up call on the…
From election pledge to reality?
Rosemary Bryan outlines election pledges related to improving children’s oral health. For the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD), the promise…
Dental students look at children’s oral health in inner cities
Dental students from Plymouth University have worked with an inner-city children’s nursery run by Barnardo’s, in order to look at…
Oral health
To improve children’s oral health, dental visits are ‘only part of the story’
It’s time to get our teeth into improving children’s oral health, argues Professor Elizabeth Kay, foundation dean of Peninsula Dental…
Oral health
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