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Thinking of leaving the NHS? Be honest with your team
What are some of the important things a practice owner needs to consider with regard to their team when deciding…
NHS to Private
Should you be concerned about losing patients when converting from NHS to private?
‘Dentists, take heart!’ – Anju Jairath, Les Jones and Zoe Close address some common concerns when converting from NHS to…
NHS to Private
NHS to private conversions – ‘no sign of things slowing down’
Katrina Rees and Suki Singh discuss the trend throughout 2023 of practices converting from NHS to independent dentistry and whether…
NHS to Private
Breaking down barriers to converting from NHS to private
In this podcast, Michelle Hardy from Practice Plan busts some common myths surrounding barriers to converting from NHS to private…
NHS to Private
Overcoming obstacles to leaving the NHS
Sarah Barnard urges dentists who thought leaving the NHS contract was fraught with difficulties to think again – times are…
NHS to Private
‘A no brainer’ – the benefits of introducing a membership plan
Rowan Thomas speaks to Katrina Rees about the frustrations of working in NHS dentistry and how adopting a dental membership…
NHS to Private
Contract reform: a quiet revolution?
Nigel Jones wonders what the future holds for NHS dental contract reform – are we soon to see an NHS recovery…
NHS to Private
The practice sales market – sinking or still buoyant?
The dental practice market has seen a shift since the COVID lockdowns, as Lis Hughes, managing director of Frank Taylor…
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