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Going private? How to replace your NHS death benefits
Specialist financial adviser Simon Cosgrove discusses potential life insurance options when thinking about how to replace NHS benefits.  When moving…
NHS to Private
Have you thought about alternative ways of saving for your retirement?
Neil Richardson discusses the trend of allowing profits to build within a limited company and ultimately become an alternative form…
Finance & accounting
The new Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR) – is it worth the paper it’s written on?
A new streamlined SDR was unveiled at the end of the summer to mixed reviews. Practice Plan regional support manager…
Death in service benefits – what to be aware of when moving to private practice
Specialist financial adviser Aaron Prested from Wesleyan Financial Services discusses the potential changes to death in service benefits when switching…
NHS to Private
Why you need to health check your personal pension
Listen to Simon Cosgrove as he explains key considerations for personal pensions, their performance and when it might be time…
Finance & accounting
How do you replace your NHS income?
Iain Stevenson interviews Katrina Rees to unpick the golden question of how to replace NHS income when transitioning to private…
Cheap insurance is like a cheap parachute
Gordon McMillan, specialist financial adviser for Wesleyan Financial Services, shares what to look for in insurance when replacing NHS sick…
NHS to Private
Your guide to replacing the NHS pension scheme
Wesleyan Financial Services’ team of Specialist Financial Advisers share what you need to consider in order to replace this gold-standard…
NHS to Private
Practice valuations – is NHS goodwill declining?
In a recent Practice Plan webinar, sales and marketing director, Nigel Jones, was joined by head of dental at UNW,…
NHS to Private
Safeguard your finances in a time of recession
The current volatility and uncertainty in the economy is giving rise to a great deal of concern amongst the dental…
NHS to Private
NHS to private – replace your basket of benefits asap
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, for various reasons a large number of dentists have chosen to hand back their NHS contracts…
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