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Great barrier relief – no need for self-doubt
Practice Plan shares Anju Jairath’s story – one of Anju’s biggest barriers to converting from NHS to private dentistry was…
NHS to Private
Great barrier relief – will patients stay?
Practice Plan shares the story of dentist Will Edlin, whose concerns around losing patients when transitioning to private practice turned…
NHS to Private
No need to feel guilty at leaving the NHS!
Many dentists feel guilty at the idea of transitioning from NHS to private, but there are other ways to give…
NHS to Private
‘Any time is a good time to convert’ – advice from an NHS to private expert
Simon Gallier first transitioned a practice to private dentistry 30 years ago – here he shares some advice for those…
NHS to Private
Completing a second successful move away from the NHS
It’s second time around for practice manager Kate Cummings – learn how she was able to become a fully private…
Anju’s transformation from surviving in the NHS to thriving in private practice
Anju Jairath explains how transitioning from NHS to private practice with the support of Practice Plan brought back her love…
NHS to Private
How Buxton Dental Practice regained control by going private
‘Calm, positive and excited’ – Craig Walsh explains how the move from NHS to private with a membership plan benefited…
NHS to Private
‘Freedom to do the right thing’ – providing private dentistry to children
Ulrika Skalberg explains how children fit into the transition from NHS to private dentistry and her motives for handing back…
NHS to Private
An NHS to private conversion success story
Ian Mills explains why the conversion from NHS to private was right for him in 2006, and the importance of…
NHS to Private
Just do it!
Ask any member of the team at Corbridge Dental what advice they would give to a dentist considering leaving the…
NHS to Private
How moving away from NHS dentistry transformed our practice
From profitability to future planning, practice owner Craig Walsh has seen great benefits to his practice since leaving the NHS…
NHS to Private
Golden moments: the rewards of providing great customer support
Amy Hansford describes the ‘golden moment’ when a customer recognised her outstanding support, and explains what this meant to her.…
NHS to Private
Transitioning to private practice: it’s smiles all round
There’s ‘absolutely no reason’ to delay transitioning to private practice, says Nigel Suggett, dentist and practice owner in Seaham, County…
NHS to Private
Maintaining high standards of patient care without sacrificing wellbeing
A desire to maintain high standards of patient care without having to sacrifice her or her team’s wellbeing was a…
NHS to Private
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