Dentistry magazine and the green transition 

Dentistry magazine and the green transition 

Dentistry magazine is changing and the ‘why’ is just as important as the ‘how’ – here’s everything you need to know.

Next month (April), Dentistry magazine will be delivered to readers as usual – with one significant difference. For the first time in its history, and from here on out, the regular issue will be A4 sized. 

We are making this change as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the steps our wider business is taking to ensure a greener future. The new format will cut Dentistry’s carbon footprint by 44% with immediate effect – a saving that we believe is well worth a slightly smaller page size. 

Nothing else is changing: Dentistry will still live by its mission of enlightening the whole dental sector on the issues that matter. 

Reader backing 

We are making this change with readers’ backing. When we asked, 95% of our audience told us that they would be happy to receive a smaller-format version of Dentistry if it meant we could reduce paper waste, plastic use, and CO2 emissions in our processes. 

And that’s precisely what we will deliver. By making this move we will be able to: 

  • Reduce Dentistry’s carbon footprint by 44% per year 
  • Save more than 54 tonnes of paper per year. The paper we do use will continue to be sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • Swap plastic wrap for easily recyclable paper, saving more than 215,000 plastic bags potentially going to landfill. 

Prioritising sustainability 

These changes aren’t just valuable to the environment. They resonate with what dental professsionals have already told us about the need to prioritise sustainability in their working lives. 

Three quarters of our readers (75%) agree that demonstrating their sustainability credentials to patients is valuable for their practice. Around 90% say they will be actively be looking at where they can change to become more sustainable in 2024. 

This is no surprise: the Dentistry Census also showed how increasingly aware dental practices are of the need to pratice greeer dentistry.

Around a third of practices (33%) have conducted – or plan to conduct in the nexrt 12 months – a sustainability audit on their business. About the same number (34%) have engaged with their suppliers’ sustainability credentials. A similar figure (31%) plan to do that this year. 

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