‘How I manage eight dental surgeries and 50,000 bees’

'How I manage eight dental surgeries and 50,000 bees '

Amanda Mason discusses her passion for keeping bees and how it has helped her improve as a practice manager.

Amanda Mason, practice manager at Formby AOHC mydentist, has worked within dentistry for over 30 years. Starting her career as a dental nurse, Amanda now manages a buzzing eight-surgery practice in Formby. 

Outside of her work life, Amanda is a beekeeper, supplying her practice with a healthy flow of honey. Amanda enjoys her role as a practice manager while also finding solace in caring for another community: her hive of over 50,000 bees. 

When discussing how she achieves a work-life balance, Amanda comments: ‘My children are now 27 and 22, so I can relax when at home I like to travel as much as possible. I am a keen gardener and forever elbows-deep in compost and plants! Beekeeping is wonderful for my mental health. Getting back down to nature after a day of screens and tech really helps to ground me.’

Amanda continues: ‘I feel very lucky to still enjoy all aspects of dentistry even after all these years. Being clinical certainly helps. I think I would say that the thing I enjoy the most is seeing a team of people enjoy coming to work. Creating a happy environment means the world to me as a manager.’

A growing hive

It was Amanda’s daughter, Valentina, who introduced her to beekeeping. When Valentina was studying at university, Amanda encouraged her to take up a course in her spare time to keep her focused and as a result, Valentina enrolled on a beekeeping course. After a couple of years, she asked Amanda if she could have a hive at home, kickstarting her newfound passion. 

Since then, Amanda’s hive has grown substantially – so much so, that she comments: ‘It would be impossible to count all of our bees during the summer months. In which time, the hive expands by adding more “floors” to accommodate their growing numbers – not dissimilar to the growth our eight-surgery dental practice has seen!’

‘A happy team is a successful team’

Amanda’s commitment to both her dental practice and beekeeping reflects her dedication to nurturing a thriving community, both in and outside of her workplace. Amanda adds: ‘I truly believe that a happy team is a successful team. Just like in beekeeping, every member of our dental practice plays a crucial role in our success and seeing them enjoy their work is immensely rewarding.’

The parallels Amanda draws between beekeeping and practice management highlight the importance of teamwork and communication within her diverse team of nearly 50 individuals. Just as the hive’s success depends on every bee playing a vital role, Amanda recognises the significance of each team member in the success of her team and colleagues at mydentist Formby.

The first honey harvest

A memorable moment in Amanda’s beekeeping journey was the first honey harvest a few years ago, on which Amanda reflects: ‘Harvesting honey is a messy but incredibly satisfying process. It’s a reminder that hard work pays off, both in beekeeping and in managing a dental practice.’

Amanda’s enthusiasm for beekeeping doesn’t stop at her hive – she seamlessly integrates her passion into the workplace. Her colleagues enjoy seeing photo and video updates of her beekeeping journey. 

Amanda concludes: ‘I’m looking forward to continuing my journey both in dentistry and beekeeping and hope to provide our community with a healthy honey supply throughout the process.’

For more information on careers at mydentist, visit www.mydentist.co.uk/careers.

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