Experience Marketing for Dentists: A practical guide from the five-star hospitality sector

Experience Marketing for Dentists is the latest book by Shaz Memon: dental marketer, entrepreneur, best-selling author, producer and philanthropist.

This is not a typical book about marketing. Most marketing is pointless without wow-moments in your business.

This is a book about growing your business without spending a penny more on marketing.

Every dental practice growing rapidly shares a common trait. It’s not just about superior dentistry, prime location, elegant interiors, or competitive fees. It’s simpler, yet often perceived as complex; it involves consistently exceeding patient expectations, genuinely from the heart, without relying on key individuals.

Discover the precise, repeatable strategies used in five-star hotels, and apply them to your dental practice to ensure growth and attract more of your desired patient type.

I wanted to write this book to emphasise that I truly believe there is no better marketing return on investment than investing time in building up your customer service standards to a ‘wow’ standard. Using the same easy-to-follow format from my global bestseller Instagram for Dentists, you are sure to be engaged from cover to cover.

Put word of mouth marketing on steroids

It can take decades to build a great reputation, but it takes just moments to ruin it. Thousands of pounds spent on marketing is not going to magically grow your practice or increase the free referrals your practice could receive.

Through practical customer service systems, you can sustainably grow a dental practice brand through patients raving about you beyond just Google reviews! They tell their friends and family about their experience – no, they ‘insist’ that their friends see you.

If your practice already benefits from consistent referrals (as most do), implementing the straightforward strategies in this book will elevate your reputation and brand presence to new heights.

Customer service isn’t something you do, it’s something you become. Let’s think differently about delivering in a way that gets patients talking about your practice.

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Some of the topics covered in Experience Marketing for Dentists include:

1. Customer service foundations

  • Understanding customer service
  • Do patients come to you because you are great?
  • How to make every patient feel like a celebrity
  • To love their kids is to win their hearts
  • Focusing on exceeding expectations
  • Create wow moments!
  • Grow your practice for free
  • Customer service: facts and figures.

2. Know yourself, know your patients

  • Knowing your own brand
  • Knowing your patients
  • The patient perspective
  • The impact of ‘brain calories’ in patient experience
  • High-value patient standards
  • The impact of customer service on revenue
  • Why brevity is key
  • Keeping service simple
  • Your website’s impact on service.

3. First impressions

  • Creating lasting first impressions
  • The 7/11 rule
  • Helping plan their visit
  • Providing directions
  • The eye and smile greeting
  • How to introduce patients to your practice
  • Prioritising clutter-free workspaces
  • Investing in pleasant scents
  • Clinic aesthetics
  • Tuning into wellness
  • Keeping your patients connected
  • How to call patients to the surgery.

4. VIP treatment

  • Personalising replies with speed
  • Understanding a buyer’s journey
  • First name interactions
  • Embracing cultural diversity
  • Understanding non-verbal communication
  • Body language
  • Patient preferences: temperature, music, and drinks
  • Preventing awkward customer service moments
  • Remembering birthdays and special occasions
  • Remember important people and moments
  • Five-star email etiquette and templates you can use
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Going above and beyond
  • Removing the grit in patient experience
  • Eradicating inconveniences
  • Moments of truth.

5. Customer service power teams

  • Teamwork fundamentals
  • Looking the part
  • Sounding the part
  • Phone manners
  • Taking messages
  • Interdepartmental communications
  • The cost of inconsistent customer service
  • Consistent service
  • Email etiquette
  • Team happiness and its impact on service
  • Understanding DiSC profiles
  • Recruiting service superstars
  • Overcoming the belief: ‘you just can’t get the staff’
  • Hiring effectively
  • Quality staff training
  • Designing your own customer service manual
  • Understanding ‘generation mute’
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Small changes for big impact
  • Customer service staff reviews
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Employee recognition
  • Personal development.

6. Building relationships

  • Building your emotional bank account
  • Professional small talk
  • Breaking the ice
  • Keeping in contact
  • Gifting
  • Being proactive
  • Becoming a part of your patients’ story
  • Making your patients the hero
  • Building patient loyalty
  • Developing trust from afar
  • Social media
  • Building trust with google reviews
  • Google review templates
  • Building an army of raving fans
  • Understanding different types of patients.

7. Authenticity and customer service

  • Respecting complaints
  • Understanding patient nature
  • Addressing silent complaints
  • Being genuine in wanting to help
  • Remaining calm
  • Empathy
  • Why waiting is hated
  • Making promises you can keep
  • Owning your mistakes
  • Resolving recurring issues
  • Finding the gift in complaints
  • Identifying your blind spots
  • Making giving feedback easy.

8. Being different

  • Understanding your competition
  • Doing what others aren’t
  • Knowing your unique selling points (USPs)
  • Letting your human side shine through
  • Being ahead of the curve.

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