Answering the call for excellence with GBT

Answering the call for excellence with GBT

Sophia Spriggs explains how arranging a specialist, one-on-one conference call for expert guidance can refine how dental practices make best use of the guided biofilm therapy (GBT) protocol.

The Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) stands at the forefront of dental education, particularly in the realm of GBT.

The latest innovation from the SDA is the initiation of specialised 30-minute web-based conference calls featuring an expert in GBT. Through these calls the SDA is making significant strides in advancing dental care. They are an opportunity for dental professionals to deepen their understanding of GBT and other innovative practices.

A commitment to excellence

The SDA’s focus extends beyond traditional methods, embracing innovative approaches like GBT. GBT represents a paradigm shift in dental prophylaxis, emphasising the painless, efficient and systematic removal of biofilm. The SDA’s commitment to this modern approach underlines its dedication to the highest standards of dental care.

Within this context, these calls and the expertise shared on them become particularly valuable. With extensive knowledge in GBT and other modern dental practices, deep insights are shared during the discussion. These are tailored to the caller’s specific needs.

Indeed, the format of the calls is designed to encourage interactive learning. The sessions are not just about imparting knowledge but also demonstrating how this knowledge can be applied in practice. This is especially pertinent for GBT, where understanding the nuances of the technique can greatly enhance its effectiveness.

Overcoming challenges

Certainly, dental hygienists and therapists frequently encounter unique challenges that have the potential to hinder their ability to provide optimal patient care.

Obstacles might include facing difficulties in implementing new procedures or technologies in practice. However, these challenges can be effectively addressed with the right support and guidance.

One significant solution lies in the utilisation of SDA trainers, who play a crucial role in empowering these clinicians. By offering specialised training and support, SDA trainers help dental hygienists and therapists find a way through these challenges, ensuring they are well-equipped to implement new methodologies and techniques in their practice. This not only enhances their professional satisfaction but also ensures they can provide the best possible treatment to their patients.

Moreover, the introduction of this new call service can be a game-changer in this scenario. This service offers an additional layer of support, allowing clinicians to seek assistance or advice to tackle GBT-related issues. It ensures that therapists and hygienists have a reliable resource to which to turn.

The calls are more than educational sessions. They are a gateway for dental professionals to expand the horizons of their practice. By engaging with our insights and a focus on innovative methods like GBT, practitioners will be best equipped to elevate the level of care they offer. Through this approach, they can build a prosperous hygiene department.

Adding true value

The introduction of the SDA’s innovative conference call service empowers dental hygienists and therapists to excel beyond barriers, enhancing their ability to deliver outstanding patient care.

With the right support in place, each day can conclude with a deep sense of fulfilment, stemming from their commitment to both patient wellbeing and their own self-care. Additionally, their contributions significantly boost the practice’s profitability, maximising its financial success.

This is your chance to make contact with, Sophia, a dedicated dental professional at the forefront of dental hygiene and therapy. Committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements, she has embraced the finest techniques and treatments modern dentistry has to offer, and is now ready to share her expertise in association with the SDA.

Simply click here to book your free 30-minute conference call with Sophia and take the first step towards a brighter future for you, your patients, and your practice!

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