New medicolegal online course: earn CPD and minimise risk

Shaam Shamsi details a new medicolegal series recorded exclusively for Dentistry CPD.

My name is Dr Shaam Shamsi and I am delighted to introduce a new medicolegal series, recorded exclusively for Dentistry CPD and hosted by FMC.

Offering 15 hours of ECPD, ‘Medicolegal considerations in practice’ will present a series of modules around the medical legal aspects of the profession.

Introducing Shaam

I’m a general dental practitioner based in Staffordshire. As well as clinically, I work with many organisations including the General Dental Council adjudicating matters of professional misconduct. I also assist colleagues who are facing fitness to practise allegations.

In addition, I work for Dental Protection as one of the advisory board members and as one of its risk management workshop presenters as a training programme director for foundation training. This is a very privileged role that I’ve been involved with for almost 20 years now.

I also work for the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, and with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a specialist adviser to the team, inspecting practices with colleagues to ensure that they meet the quality assurance standards.

Medicolegal considerations in practice

My new online series, ‘Medicolegal considerations in practice’, will consist of seven modules.

The first module will look at the GDC’s process – the registrant that has a fitness to practise allegation brought against them, and preparation and how to embark upon that journey in preparation for that case, the remediation process, as well as understanding how the GDC implemented process.

Module two will look at minimising risk with communication and consent and shared decision making. I’m sure you’ll all agree communication is at the forefront of all the work that we do with our patients. And poor communication can certainly lead to poor patient outcomes.

So, this module will look at how we can assess our own communication, how we can improve our communication, and more importantly, understand the importance of an application of consent, and a collaborative decision-making process using shared decision making.

Entitled ‘avoiding the pitfalls of record keeping’, module three explores record keeping. It’s an integral part of our work, however it is time consuming and can be tedious. This essential part of the documentation should be an accurate reflection of our discussion or investigations or treatment options and achievement itself.

Module four will look at understanding ethics in dentistry. Ethical standards are another important aspect of our role; how they apply to us, the role we play during clinical and non-clinical sessions, and what the General Dental Council expects from us as healthcare professionals.

Unfortunately, complaints are inevitable, so module five discusses mastering complaints and adverse outcomes. We need to take every measure possible to minimise complaints. But when a complaint does arise, what is it that we can do to minimise it from escalating? What is it that we can do to ensure that we can resolve the situation in-house? The module goes one step further and looks at adverse outcomes.

Module six looks at raising medicolegal awareness and implant dentistry. This field of dentistry is high risk and those involved with dental implants must understand the expectations that come with it: meeting patients outcomes, and being made aware of the medicolegal implications in terms of preparation in terms of discussion in terms of consent, and record keeping.

The seventh and final module will look at vicarious liability and non-delegable duty. This module will explore these definitions and, more importantly, look at the key areas that practice owners and associates alike can address to ensure that this risk is minimised.

Join us

‘Medicolegal considerations in practice’ is designed to raise awareness and equip you with the tools and the expertise to minimise your risk in our profession.

As I’m sure we’ll all agree, that risk is inherent in everything that we do. And with litigation increasing over the years, there is a need for every member of the dental team to become more risk averse. At the end of the day, it’s all about risk mitigation. So join us for this medicolegal series, which is sure to benefit every practice member.

Enjoy an introductory saving on the medicolegal considerations in practice online course by Shaam Shamsi and complete 15 hours of exclusive certified training for just £199.

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