‘There’s little risk’ – how UNTIL is supporting my business

Dr Sheila Nguyen explains why she is an early adopter of UNTIL and how the revolutionary space is shaking dentistry up for the better.

Please introduce yourself

I’m Dr Sheila and I trained as a dentist almost 10 years ago. Now, I predominantly work in facial aesthetics and medical aesthetics. And I train other dentists to be able to deliver Facial Aesthetics really well as an adjunct to the dentistry that they do.

I’m going to be working with Dr Ads Thanki at UNTIL to bring dentistry into the sphere. I’ll be running both a dental practice and a facial aesthetics practice at the UNTIL branch.

What will you be using UNTIL for and how is it supporting your business?

The reason why I’m an early adopter is because I want to get out there and do it. I really believe in this message of allowing associates, healthcare professionals or self-employed freelancers to be able to do their own thing. The world has changed.

Now, we are doing so much more of our own marketing and our own advertising. I have my own social media team and I’m still an associate. And that is the way that the world is moving.

So to have a space where’s very minimal risk, where there’s very minimal investment and I get to see my patients, that’s really exciting.

What makes you most excited by what UNTIL has to offer?

At UNTIL, you’re really going to be exposed to so many other types of healthcare professionals – the personal trainers, the physios, therapists – and that is really exciting.

A lot of what we do as cosmetic dentists really crosses over with people who care about their health. Those patients who are really passionate, focused and motivated – not only about how they feel, but from a visual perspective too. Having the ability to collaborate and work alongside other professionals is extremely exciting.

It’s this aspect that is one of the most forward thinking and the most exciting parts of UNTIL.

Plus, we have the flexibility to work as much or as little without being signed into anything.

Why would you recommend UNTIL to a friend?

Absolutely. There’s very little risk here – it doesn’t cost anything to set up and it only requires a small amount of money to be able to go and have something that’s your own. It’s an amazing place to start testing the waters as to whether it is the practice you’re working in that’s providing all of the patients or if it’s you that are providing all of the patients.

It’s an opportunity to test something that you can grow without the need to have all the contracts or the leases in place. There’s also a whole load of flexibility and it gives you the ability to collaborate with other people – and all on your own terms.

I highly recommend doing it. It’s an exciting space and you want to be one of the clinicians who does it earlier. That way, you can help to shape the industry.

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