What is UNTIL? – putting power back into the hands of dentists

UNTIL is home to London’s top health and wellness professionals – and now it is branching out into dentistry. Dr Adarsh Thanki, its dental director, explains how it allows associates to keep 100% of what they earn. 

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Dr Adarsh Thanki. I’m the principal dentist of the Ace Dental Group, co-founder of Parla toothpaste tabs and now dental director at UNTIL.

What is UNTIL?

UNTIL is a new kind of business that puts the health professional first, making it easier for them to launch their own thriving business by giving them flexible access to market-leading facilities, business support services and a supportive community of leading independent professionals.

It’s not only dentists – there’s health professionals and training professionals across the whole platform. From personal trainers to osteopaths to mental care to medical doctors and dentists as well.

We launched in 2022 and UNTIL has thrived since then. We want to put the power back into the hands of wellness and healthcare practitioners, many of whom were struggling in the current economic climate, crushing under the weight of high costs, poor access to quality facilities and, frankly, unfair business models.

UNTIL currently has two clubs in Soho and Liverpool Street that bring together London’s top wellness professionals across training, therapy and treatment. And now we’re moving into dentistry. Principal dentists, specialists, super associates – as they’re now coined – and therapists will keep 100% of their earnings with a fairly flexible access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Tell us about the new UNTIL space in Marylebone.

The new space will be based in Marylebone at 105 Wigmore Street, right behind Selfridges. It has been meticulously designed to provide market leading pre and rehab experience for patients.

It is really the UK’s first wellness and healthcare facility, combining the best of wellness training, treatments and healthcare, medical and dentistry – all under one roof. That really translates into this flagship location for the group.

This innovative new addition to us continues with our mission to provide best in class flexible facilities and support services for London’s leading independent wellness. But actually not only in London now – I think the the interest so far has been UK-wide.

Marylebone itself will have six ultra-premium dental surgeries, kitted out with Dentsply Sirona chairs. We will have Itero scanners, ceiling-mounted TVs, as well as access to on site, CBCT scanners, decontamination rooms, client conversation areas, medical consulting rooms and seven treatment rooms.

There’s also an enormous personal training gym on the lower ground floor, which is really where everything started from.

In terms of who we are, I think the cat’s out the bag with one of the founders, Steven Bartlett, now public knowledge.

He will bring a host of unbelievable marketing skills, as well as his own take on health and wellbeing. We’re looking to open the doors in November 2023, so just a couple of months now from now.We should be on track to do that.

Why should dentists join UNTIL?

Well, frankly, to be your own principal dentist. We provide a fully flexible and 100% hassle free proposal, where dentistry meets wellbeing.

The key points are full commercial control with no commission or overheads. Associates don’t like paying 40% to 60% to their principal dentist and so this means that you only pay for what you need. And you will never pay a percentage of your earnings to use the clubs, so you keep 100% of what you earn.

Secondly, flexible access to state of the art all-inclusive facilities. Having the best equipment is paramount for top professionals. We found that with personal trainers and other medical practitioners, and so we really want to provide the best sort of hardware facilities and soft skill facilities as well.

Regarding the patient journey – we want to ensure that the receptionist is highly trained as a concierge service, for example. Most importantly, the co-working spaces in dentistry have always really lacked that staff room/ co-working space that you can run your business from effectively.

I would empower the dentist to think of a combination of a Wework/Soho House/Third Space gym facilities all under one roof.

Last of all, which for me is most exciting part, which is the access to a powerful referral community. Dentistry is quite a lonely profession, we tend to refer internally between ourselves but until will host and almost boast community of 300 plus independent wellness professionals and that’s the current numbers today between the two existing clubs, which allows members to further grow their networks and referral pathways across different medical professionals.

And just to give you an indication of numbers there, there’s almost 5,000 patients walking through the door every month, which provides an unbelievable opportunity for all the practitioners to really expand and form relationships with.

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