KometBioSeal – the new bioceramic root filling sealer

KometBioSeal root canal sealer

KometBioSeal is a new root filling sealer from Komet Dental that creates the perfect bond between filling material and root canal wall.

Root canal treatments have come a long way in recent years, and one of the key components in achieving successful outcomes is the choice of the right sealer. Meet KometBioSeal, the groundbreaking bioceramic root filling sealer that’s changing the game in endodontics.

KometBioSeal not only seals voids, additional root canals, and multiple foramina but also forms a flawless bond between the filling material and the canal wall. This innovative product introduces bioceramic materials into endodontics, offering a range of clinical advantages that promise better results for both dental professionals and their patients.

Excellent Biocompatibility

At the heart of KometBioSeal’s success is its composition, which is based on calcium-silicate. This unique formulation ensures exceptional biocompatibility, especially after the curing phase. What sets KometBioSeal apart is its ability to emit calcium ions, a feature that not only prevents foreign body reactions but also accelerates the healing process. Cells that settle on the sealer exhibit positive proliferation, promoting overall patient recovery.

Perfect Adhesion and Easy Application

KometBioSeal boasts adhesion values that rival those of epoxy resin sealers. This characteristic facilitates a seamless bond between the dentin, KometBioSeal, and the gutta-percha.

Furthermore, KometBioSeal’s hydrophilic properties make it stand out in the field. Unlike conventional sealers based on epoxy resin, KometBioSeal utilizes residual moisture in the dentinal tubules for curing. This feature ensures that KometBioSeal maintains its excellent adhesion values even under less-than-ideal clinical conditions.

The ease of application and strong adhesive bond make KometBioSeal a reliable choice for dental professionals. When combined with cold filling techniques like the single cone technique, it ensures safe and consistent results. The adhesive bond and dimensional stability also play a crucial role in preventing the undesired reinfection of the root canal.

Bactericidal Effect

KometBioSeal is not just about sealing; it’s also about desinfecting. This remarkable sealer owes its outstanding antibacterial effect to its initially high pH value during the curing phase. This means that any bacteria present in the root canal are swiftly eliminated. What’s more, KometBioSeal maintains a consistently high pH value for several days, delivering a disinfecting effect akin to that of a calcium hydroxide insert.

High Radiopacity

A significant challenge in bioceramic sealers is achieving adequate radiopacity. KometBioSeal rises to this challenge with its optimised formulation containing zirconium oxide particles. This unique composition grants KometBioSeal outstanding radiopacity, similar to epoxy-based sealers and superior to other bioceramic sealers. This high radiopacity ensures that dental professionals have perfect control over the treatment result, making it easier to monitor and confirm the success of the procedure.

In conclusion, KometBioSeal is a game-changing bioceramic root filling sealer that brings the benefits of biocompatibility, adhesion, desinfection, and radiopacity to the world of endodontics. By choosing KometBioSeal, dental professionals can enhance the quality of root canal treatments, providing patients with safer, more effective, and longer-lasting results. It’s time to embrace the future of endodontics with KometBioSeal – the perfect bond between filling material and the root canal wall.

When it comes to dental expertise and innovation, look no further than Komet Dental. As the driving force behind KometBioSeal, Komet Dental has a rich history of providing cutting-edge solutions for dental professionals worldwide.

Get more information about Komet here: Komet Dental › The Expert for dental rotary instruments, dental burs and endo files and elevate your dental practice with the quality and precision that Komet Dental is renowned for.

For more information about KometBioSeal, visit kometdental.co.uk.

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