Efficient endodontic treatments with high-quality products from Komet

Efficient endodontic treatments with high-quality products from Komet

Komet, a leading provider of dental instruments, is proud to introduce three cutting-edge products that are made for efficient endodontic treatments: The EndoTracer as well as the EndoTracer Kit 4670 and the PathGlider.

These exceptional tools are designed to enhance precision, efficiency and patient outcomes, making them essential additions to every dentist’s toolkit.

EndoTracer: for endodontic access cavity

The EndoTracer stands out as a specialised round bur meticulously crafted for preparing isthmuses during endodontic access cavity procedures. Multi-rooted teeth often pose challenges in locating hidden canals, necessitating the creation of an isthmus to facilitate successful treatment.

The EndoTracer boasts a long, slim neck that offers an unobstructed view into the access cavity, providing dentists with enhanced visibility into deeper regions.

This feature simplifies the exposure of the pulp chamber floor, allows conservative opening of root canal entrances, and facilitates the exposure of obliterated root canals.

Key advantages of EndoTracer:

  1. Minimally invasive approach. With its petite round burs, especially in sizes 004 and 006, the EndoTracer allows fine shaping of isthmuses and canal entrances in line with the concept of minimally invasive endodontics
  2. Ideal for microscope work. The EndoTracer’s elongated, slender neck provides unobstructed visibility, making it particularly suitable for work under a microscope. Its 34mm total length, with an added 3 mm to the neck, is advantageous when treating long clinical crowns
  3. Versatility in size. Available in lengths of 31mm and 34mm, and six different sizes (004, 006, 008, 010, 012, and 014), the EndoTracer caters to any clinical situation
  4. Effective toothing. Equipped with powerful toothing, the EndoTracers efficiently removes dentin in a minimally invasive manner and expose the access cavity without undue pressure.

EndoTracer Kit 4670 – comprehensive Solutions for precise endodontic access cavity

In addition to the individual EndoTracer burs, the EndoTracer Kit 4670 offers a complete package of specialised instruments. It not only aids in exposing the pulp chamber floor but also efficiently removes dentin overhangs in the root canal entrance zone, ensuring a thorough and precise procedure.

PathGlider – building the bridge to mechanical preparation

An indispensable step in root canal preparation is creating a glide path, which paves the way for safe and successful treatment. Komet’s PathGlider provides a superior alternative to manual preparation with hand files, offering remarkable advantages.

Implementing the PathGlider in your workflow

  1. Probing. Begin by probing with a hand file to determine the working length, using a K- or Patency-File in size 010
  2. Glide Path creation. Employ the PathGlider in size 015 for mechanical preparation of the glide path. The PathGlider also comes in size 020 and three different lengths (21, 25, and 31mm)
  3. Root canal preparation. Complete the root canal preparation using compatible files from Komet such as F360, F6 SkyTaper or Procodile Q.

Key advantages of PathGlider

  1. Reduced Risk of Canal Transportation: The highly flexible NiTi and non-cutting instrument tip of the PathGlider allow it to follow the canal’s natural course, minimising the risk of inadvertent canal transportation and undesirable steps
  2. Gentle Preparation: With a taper of .03, transitioning from the PathGlider to subsequent file systems, such as F360 with a taper of .04, is smooth and gentle
  3. Time-Saving: The PathGlider expedites the creation of the glide path, saving valuable time for dentists and patients alike
  4. Easy Handling: The PathGlider can be combined with any file system, thanks to its unique kite-shaped cross-section. This ensures smooth canal walls and excellent control of the file within the canal.

Komet’s EndoTracer and PathGlider products mark a significant advancement in endodontic treatments, empowering dental professionals to deliver safe, precise, and efficient care. Embrace these revolutionary tools to elevate your endodontic practice to new heights.

For more information and to explore Komet’s innovative endodontic solutions, please visit www.kometdental.com.

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