Meet patient demand with the Confident Smile Makeover

confident smile makeover

Jen Dix introduces the simple solution for giving patients a smile makeover that delivers long-term function as well as aesthetics. 

A recent survey found that 43% of people in the UK want to improve their teeth with either whitening, straightening or composite work (RealSelf, 2019). When asked the reasons, the dominant answer was to improve their self-esteem and confidence. That equates to a significant number of potential patients looking to improve their smile.

However, the same survey also revealed that 76% of dentists are not having proactive conversations with their patients about cosmetic dentistry. As a result, many practices risk losing business if their patients are unaware of the cosmetic treatments they offer and are seeking treatment elsewhere.

At the same time, patient demand for a beautiful smile has created a revolution in treatment options and there are many avenues for patients to consider, including direct-to-patient offerings. Tempted away by persuasive marketing, patients may opt for treatment that is less clinically sound, potentially causing dental issues later on.

For a dental practice, offering patients a smile makeover is not only a way of retaining patients, it is an opportunity to consider their long-term dental needs in terms of function as well as aesthetics.

As Tif Qureshi, founder and clinical director of the IAS Academy, asserts, dentists require a smile makeover system that delivers the aesthetics and confidence patients seek, as well as providing a method of making any necessary changes to the envelope of function (the position and contact of the teeth), treating wear, maintaining chewing ability and retaining TMJ integrity.

Confident Smile Makeover

The Confident Smile Makeover is a comprehensive solution for introducing a full smile makeover workflow into a dental practice. It combines a clear aligner system, professional tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding treatments from just one supplier, Henry Schein Dental.

Aesthetic clear aligners

The first step of a smile makeover is teeth alignment. The Confident Smile Makeover approach uses Reveal Clear Aligners, a simple system for clinicians to provide reliable orthodontic treatment to their patients that is both comfortable and aesthetic.

Initial impressions can be taken digitally using an intraoral scanner, or traditionally and sent to UK-based labs to be digitised. Treatment plans are then created by the Reveal team and refined at no additional cost.

‘What I like about Reveal is that it has a high finish line and very few attachments, which makes it much easier for dentists to use and much more aesthetic.’ – Tif Qureshi.

Professional whitening

White Dental Beauty enables clinicians to offer their patients convenient, cost-effective whitening options. The high quality whitening gels come in a variety of different strengths and shades, all powered by NOVON – a whitening compound that delivers effective whitening results in a shorter treatment time.

Even patients who have previously struggled with whitening due to sensitivity issues or a bad experience have a whitening option with the White Dental Beauty Mild 5% carbamide peroxide formula.

Another option available for whitening is the White Dental Beauty Professional Dissolving Whitening Strips P3, containing 6% hydrogen peroxide, which delivers impressive results with a minimised wear time. The strips are easy to apply, invisible and dissolvable. They are ideal to refresh previously whitened teeth or offered as an entry whitening level.

Composite bonding

Moving from whitening to composite bonding can be challenging and is often the most technique-sensitive part of a smile makeover. White Dental Beauty’s CompoSite system delivers minimally invasive, aesthetic results in minimal time, with many procedures achievable in a single appointment.

CompoSite uses a simplified shade system with a composite designed for patients with natural whiter or whitened teeth that surpass the traditional lightest shade of B1. It is designed for whole tooth restorations, composite bonding, edge contouring and as the composite for attachments for clear aligner treatment as well.

Getting started

The Confident Smile Makeover is designed to be a one-stop shop for clinicians wanting to deliver the best clinical outcomes for their patients. However, it also offers education and hands-on training for clinicians at every level of experience.

Henry Schein Dental works with the IAS to provide hands-on courses to teach clinicians everything they need to know about getting started on clear aligner treatment, as well as a specific course on the Confident Smile Makeover.

Tif Qureshi takes clinicians through an orthodontic assessment, interproximal reduction (IPR) and attachments, fixed retainers and edge bonding as well as the Dahl technique – a method for treating localised anterior tooth wear, before posterior wear begins (Poyster et al, 2005).

With a strong ortho-restorative focus, the Confident Smile Makeover course also covers whitening and maintenance, as well as composite bonding systems to help the clinician perfect the final outline of the teeth.

Clinicians will leave the course equipped with all the tools and knowledge required to get started on the Confident Smile Makeover, as well as a fresh perspective on their existing patient base, and the potential to give them the smile they’ve always craved and the long-term function they will need.


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Find out more about the Confident Smile Makeover here. To get started with Reveal Clear Aligners in your practice and to schedule your free training visit

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