90 seconds with… Josh Virdee

Cosmetic dentist, Josh Virdee, talks about his inspiration for entering the world of dentistry, and the strangest moment he has had so far…

Please introduce yourself

My name is Josh Virdee and I’m a cosmetic dentist working for Ruh Dental.

We have three clinics at the moment but we’re ever expanding. We have a clinic in Manchester in Spinningfields, and London in Fleet Street and Notting Hill – the clinic which I work at.

Why did you choose to get into dentistry?

I’d seen my sister go through a lot of dentistry when she was younger like braces, jaw surgery. I saw the effect it had on her confidence and overall wellbeing. So I just knew it was something I wanted to get into.

Away from dentistry, what are you passionate about?

Outside of work, I’m obsessed with keeping fit. I like to keep moving with football, cycling and Crossfit.

What has been your most rewarding experience in dentistry?

The most rewarding experience I’ve had in dentistry was spending two weeks on a remote island five hours east of Australia providing emergency dental care.

It was a cool experience because we turned up to this random island and and said: ‘We’re dental students and we want to help you.’ We ended up spending two weeks just taking teeth out and helping people through pain.

What has been your strangest experience in dentistry?

My strangest experience was being in clinic one day and having a new patient come in and seeing they had the same second name as my mum. My mum and dad come from different backgrounds. We’ve never been too close to my mum’s side of the family.

Strange – the same name and he was also from the same place that she’s from. And it turns out he was actually my first cousin. The second he walked into the door I thought: ‘Yeah, he looks like my mum.’

And he was my cousin. So yeah, that was a strange experience.

What are your dreams/ambitions for the future?

My dreams and ambitions for the future… I’d like to be recognised as a leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry just so it would put me on a platform where I can help others learn and grow. And learn to enjoy it like I do, really.

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