Collaboration for positive change

philips and dental wealth builder collaboration

Philips and Dental Wealth Builder collaboration empowers dental professionals to reshape the business of dentistry.

Philips, a global leader in healthcare technology, has forged an exclusive collaboration with Dr Bhavna Doshi, the CEO of specialist coaching consultancy Dental Wealth Builder to create a suite of customised training and education programmes specifically tailored for dental practices working in partnership with Philips.

The collaboration is founded on their shared vision to advance dental practices and drive positive change: Dental Wealth Builder’s core ethos is to create a win-win-win scenario, where patients, practices, and teams all benefit. This perfectly aligns with Philips consistently pushing boundaries to improve patient outcomes via a commitment to introduce innovative treatment solutions.

Dr Doshi, a leading UK cosmetic dental surgeon-turned business consultant and mentor, has created a series of bespoke workshops and webinars designed to empower dental practitioners and their teams to deliver exceptional patient care.

Focused on leadership, communication, sales, cost-effective marketing and team dynamics, they are designed to enhance team skills, improve productivity, foster a positive work culture and provide dental professionals with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

The reciprocal partnership between Philips and Dental Wealth Builder ensures each party contributes and benefits in equal measure, fostering a sustainable and impactful relationship.

Commenting on the new collaboration, Jessica Puckett, Philips dental professional lead UK&I stated: ‘When embarking on a collaboration, partner companies always strive to find common ground, so it was refreshing that from the outset we found that Bhavna Doshi’s vision echoed Philips – we both want to help dental practices to thrive and grow, because their success is our success.

‘We go way beyond providing practices with products, to empowering them with the business insights and tools to achieve so much more.’

Elevating practices together

Dr Doshi says: ‘Our relationship is marked by mutual reciprocity, as we aim to elevate dental practices together. I firmly believe that in association with Philips, I can bring tremendous value to practices by honing their leadership skills and business acumen to perfection.

‘By leveraging Philips’ innovative solutions and my expertise in dental practice management, this partnership has the potential to transcend boundaries and propel dental practices to unprecedented heights. Through a focus on leadership development and business acumen, the collaboration will help to empower dental professionals to deliver exceptional patient care while achieving long-term success.

‘This collaboration represents a fulfilment of my mission to ignite inspiration, empower individuals, and effect profound change within dental practices and their teams. By aligning with Philips, they gain access to cutting-edge technologies and a wealth of resources, allowing them to amplify their impact and drive transformative outcomes.’

She adds: ‘This collaboration provides an ideal platform for Dental Wealth Builder to make a lasting difference in the dental industry.’

Customisable programmes

She also stresses that she will be working with Philips partners to customise their programmes by discovering what each practice needs to ensure that every training session, webinar or workshop is tailored.

‘What we really want to do is try to understand each and every one of our partners and what their challenges are and the things that form obstacles to their success. We’ll then customise and tailor-make programmes to specifically suit them.

‘It might be that some people only require front-of-house training, while others might need more in-depth communication training for their entire team. Dentists may need these elevated skills when they are speaking to patients. And none of these things are going to happen without leadership skills because leadership is the glue that brings everything together, and the business vision is realised through that.

‘I’m very excited to be part of this because my mission has always been to empower team members, to inspire them and, through that inspiration, to help transform practices to elevate them to maximise their potential.

‘I believe that working with Philips will help me to accomplish that mission because it’s similar to its philosophy too, so together we’re igniting inspiration and effecting that profound change.’

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For more information about becoming a Philips partner practice, please contact [email protected].

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