Patient finance: making life easy for patients and practices


Treatment coordinator Jessica Carter explains how offering patient finance has helped both the patients themselves and the practice as a whole.

One of the main benefits of offering patient finance is it helps people to say ‘yes’ to treatment plans. Being able to spread the cost over a period of months interest free can make the difference between an enthusiastic ‘yes’ and a hesitant ‘I’ll think about it…’

This is why it’s such a great asset to many practices.

The whole point of patient finance is to make life easier for the patient. Any qualms they may have about the cost of treatment can be overcome. By showing them that, although the overall cost may be thousands of pounds, by spreading that cost over a number of months interest free, they really can afford to go ahead.

They need only worry about meeting the monthly payments, not the full amount. As Jessica of Cotteswold Dental Practice says in this video, the patient sign-up process for Medenta is hassle free. No lengthy forms to complete. They can even sign up from the privacy of their own home, if they’d rather.

Jessica is no stranger to patient finance as her practice switched to Medenta from another provider. However, there are more benefits than being able to offer 24 months of interest free finance.

Since switching, Jessica has been impressed by Medenta’s user friendly system. It’s easy for her to keep track of patients, helping her to feel on top of things. She is also full of praise for the support she receives from the team. She feels able to approach them with any query, no matter how small. Her description of the team is ‘helpful, professional and committed’.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise she has no qualms about recommending Medenta to any other practice looking for a patient finance company.

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