‘More time and more income’ – why I sold to Damira Dental

‘More time and more income’ – why I sold to Damira Dental

Babak Houshmand explains how Damira Dental has helped to transform his work-life balance, free up time for postgraduate education and increase his income.

Please tell us a bit about your journey into dentistry

My dental journey began 28 years ago. I’m originally from Iran – I left my country 38 years ago and went to Belgium to start a new life. It was there that I qualified in Brussels. I’d always wanted to be a dentist!

I then started my private surgery in Belgium. I had that surgery for six or seven years before marrying, having a child, working in the US and then finally moving to the UK.

From there, I arrived in Bournemouth and I’m now working as an associate dentist.

Where does Damira Dental come into all this?

I had the practice for six or seven years after I took it over from the previous owner. It was a partnership with my friend. My friend sadly was critically ill and he died in 2019.

But in 2014 we had a very big practice and he was ill, so we were keen to take the pressure off. I myself had very high blood pressure and I knew a change had to happen. I didn’t want to but I put the practice on the market as it was a very good, healthy business.

I’d got some good offers. But I wasn’t happy until the time Anushika from Damira came in. We had a long conversation and she realised that my main concern was the post-sale circumstances as she knew that I wanted to stay on and work as an associate. I wanted to have a comfortable position, otherwise it didn’t make sense to give up the business.

The offer she gave me was even more than the asking price so I was in a position where I really couldn’t say no.

How was the whole process?

Everything has gone easily. In a short time, I was quickly reminded that the practice was not mine anymore. She renovated the whole practice, making it very clean and modern. From the first day she told me: ‘Babak, you could have any surgery you’d like.’

I haven’t looked back since.

Why did you continue to work there after you sold it?

There were a few times that I thought maybe going and buying a small practice may have been right for me. But from the first day, I was so comfortable working for Anushika and she was so supportive to me. The communication is great – she has direct contact with all the associate dentists, and we all have direct access to her if we need it.

Also, everything was growing even faster and better. By helping me out, I had time to do more postgraduate training for implant treatments, my specialty.

It’s given me the opportunity to make time, and to increase my skill and knowledge. I completed an advanced training course and went to lots of other lectures.

The main reason I stayed here is the leadership and the support. Damira guide, encourage and do all they can to help us achieve.

Another bonus is that my income has been tripled. When I owned the practice, I didn’t make as much personal profit as it’s a very expensive business and the costs are extremely high!

For more information, visit www.damiradental.co.uk/looking-to-sell-your-dental-practice.

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