Ironing out the Creases – how to grow your facial aesthetics list

Trying to build your facial aesthetics books? This month Shaadi Manouchehri discusses her five top tips to help you out.

So you’ve successfully completed your facial aesthetics training and are feeling motivated and excited to start treating your clients and implementing your newly-acquired skills.

But where do you find these clients?

If you’re an associate dentist working in a practice, you’re probably used to having full books and back-to-back appointments for your dental patients all organised by the practice. Therefore, this will be a completely new dynamic to start building your facial aesthetics clientele.

Here are five tips to start building your facial aesthetics books:

1. Advertise to existing patients

The simplest way to grow your facial aesthetics list is to start introducing the new treatments you offer to your existing clientele. You could do this by putting up posters or promotional leaflets in the waiting area for them to see.

You could also add a section in the medical history form patients complete at the practice. This could be a simple question to ask if they’ve ever considered any of these treatments or are interested in them. If they tick yes, you can start discussing this with them during their routine appointments.

You may also want to apply an introductory offer for certain treatments to encourage uptake of treatment.

While doing this, be mindful of the current marketing legislations on the treatments offered. The Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) launched a new campaign in 2020 to address the advertising of Botox on social media:

‘As a prescription-only medicine (POM), it is unlawful for Botox or Botox treatments to be advertised in any way to the public. This extends to all media, including social media and on websites, as well as both paid-for advertisements and non-paid-for marketing posts or communications.’

2. Social media

Many businesses have taken to social media to advertise their business and attract potential clients. Social media platforms such as Instagram are quite visual and a great way to showcase your work.

During our courses, our delegates will take before and after photos of the clients they’ve treated. This will allow them to start showcasing their work and attract potential clients straight after the course.

You could also get creative and start documenting the process of having the treatments you offer. The more information and value you offer, the more likely it is for clients to trust you and seek treatment with you.

3. Website

Your practice website is likely to be the first port of call for potential clients to view the treatments you offer and to get as much information as they can prior to coming in.

Make sure you utilise this and have a dedicated section for facial aesthetics on your website. This should include details about you as a practitioner, where you’ve done your training and why they should choose you.

Including before and after pictures here is also a good way for patients to be able to view your work and be motivated to come in.

4. Complimentary consultations

Offering complimentary, no-obligation consultations are a great way to incentivise clients to seek treatment.

Many clients may be apprehensive. This is understandable as facial aesthetics is very much like art and no two practitioners are the same.

This consultation will allow potential clients to find out more about the procedures and to get to know you and establish rapport. Feel free to introduce a deposit which is redeemable against treatment to filter out those who may book and not show up to their appointment.

5. Treat staff

We recommend having some potential clients lined up to treat after the course to ensure you can implement your newly acquired skills straight away. This ensures your confidence and competence remains high after the course.

A great way is to offer treatment to friends, family and practice staff. You may wish to incentivise them further with an introductory discount.

This has many benefits:

  • You get to practice your skills straight away
  • Your friends, family and staff are likely to be much more forgiving while you develop your skills and aesthetic eye
  • You can monitor their progress after treatment closely
  • You build your portfolio with more before and after pictures
  • Your staff who have had treatment can speak to your potential clients about their experience with the treatment and are a walking advertisement of your work!

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